The Last of September’s Streaming Netflix Titles


Comedy: SMOSH: The Movie, Love Actually

Documentary: The Drop Box, Because I Was a Painter, Iris, Soul Boys of the Western World, The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne, The Barefoot Artist


Drama: Philomena, Finding Neighbors, Puncture, Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, The Duke of Burgundy

Family: Vampire Dog, Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls

Foreign: The Brainiac, Shootout at Lockhandwala


Television: Zoo, Dark Matter, Monster High: Boo York, Boo York, and new episodes of The Walking Dead, Hawaii Five-O (new), VeggieTales in the House, Bones, and Blue Blood

The Loft

Thriller: The Loft, The Canyons, Intruders

JSalvador, LootCrate, Jason, Etc.

Recently, thanks to LootCrate, I was introduced to the work of a pop artist known as JSalvador who does a line called Super Emo. Here is a framed Jason missing his mommy:



And here is my latest T-Shirt that I wore to The Hobbit marathon



And here is The Walking Dead print I gave to my daughter:

Walking Dead

Huge October Netflix Update

Netflix always has a good influx of movies at the beginning of the month but this month appears particularly good, especially in television and classic movies.

Action/Adventure: 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Congo, Death Wish 2, Death Wish : The Crackdown, The French Connection II, Hardrock, The Heavy, The Italian Job, Joe Kidd, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Road House, Two Mules for Sister Sara

Anime: Blade of the Phantom Master, .hack//Quantum OVA

Classic: Here Come the Girls, The Molly Maguires, The Rat Race, The Sand Pebbles

Comedy: As Good as it Gets, Burke and Hare (2010), Citizen’s Band, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Curse of the Pink Panther, The Ghastly Love of Johnny X, Ghostbusters, Jackie Mason is…One Angry Man, Jeffrey, The Last Days of Disco, Mansfield Park, Return to Me, Summer School, Won Ton Ton: The Dog who Saved Hollywood

Documentary: All.I.Can, Anna Wintour: Bloomberg Game Changers, The Central Park Five, Face 2 Face, Fame High, Horgasm: A Love Story

The Hindenburg

Drama: American Gigolo, Beyond Borders, Breaking Away, Brighton Rock, Determiism, The Evening Star, Fargo, The Field, Forrest Gump, Gang Related, A Good Man in Africa, The Hindenburg

Faith: Last Ounce of Courage

Family: All I Want for Christmas, The Blue Elephant, Stolen Summer

Fantasy & Science Fiction: Fire in the Sky, The Man who Fell to Earth, Shopping, Solar Crisis, Timeline

Foreign: Raaz 3, Tsotsi


Horror: Disturbing Behavior, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell, Ghoulies II, Pumpkinhead, Resident Evil, Troll, Troll 2, Visiting Hours, Mimic 2: Hardshell

Musical: Grease

The Walking Dead

Television: 666 Park Avenue, Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Animal Mechanicals, Doctor Zhivago, DTLA, Lazy Town, Monarchy, Murdoch Mysteries, Power Rangers: Megaforce, Prime Suspect, Shakespeare Uncovered, Upstairs Downstairs, and new episodes of 30 Rock, Brink, Comic Book Men, Continuum, Curious George, Doc Martin, The Office, Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, Saturday Night Live, The Walking Dead, and How I Met Your Mother

Thriller: Blood and Wine, Body of Evidence, Dark Blue, Dressed to Kill, The Gambler, The Great Train Robbery, King of New York, Tempo (2003), Twilight (1998)

What I Watch

My wife and I have spent the last month trying to catch as many of the Oscar nominees as possible. Normally though our viewing habits are much different. On nights when Jenny and I are watching Dorothy, we watch:

Doctor Who (2005-2011)

“After more than a decade off the air, the epic sci-fi series returns with an all-new look — and the ninth (and beyond) incarnation of everybody’s favorite time-traveling doctor, who promptly sets about fighting nefarious aliens and other foes.”

We have (happily) worked our way through Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant and are just getting started on the latest Doctor, Matt Smith. Both instant Netflix and Amazon Prime have six seasons for streaming. Amazon has the seventh but you have to buy the individual episodes (bleh!).

If our eldest daughter is with us:

Game of Thrones

“In the second season of the epic HBO original series Game of Thrones, kings from across the fictional continent of Westeros vie for the Iron Throne. As winter approaches, the cruel young Joffrey sits upon the Throne in King’s Landing, counseled by his conniving mother Cersei and his uncle Tyrion, who has been appointed the new Hand of the King. But the Lannister hold on power is under assault on many fronts, with two Baratheons donning crowns, and Robb Stark fighting as the King in the North. With tensions and treaties, animosity and alliances, Season Two is a thrilling journey through a riveting and unforgettable landscape. “

Sadly this will not be on any of the services so I have to buy Season 2. Still I enjoy the show so much that I don’t mind shelling out the bucks to own it.

When my fair wife is unavailable, my daughter and I tend to watch scarier fare such as:

The Walking Dead

“In the wake of a zombie apocalypse that desolates the world as we know it, a group of survivors led by police officer Rick Grimes holds on to the hope of humanity by banding together to wage a never-ending fight for their own survival.”

My wife does not like being scared yet horror is my favorite genre. Thank goodness both of my daughters share a love of the genre. The first two seasons are available to watch on instant Netflix. I actually shell out a couple bucks each week to get the current episode of season three. Now if only HBO would release the individual episodes of the upcoming Game of Thrones season three for sale…

It takes a little juggling to satisfy everyone at home. My daughter and I like horror and animated comedy (South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy) but my wife does not like scary shows or raunchy comedy. My wife and daughter like sitcoms and upbeat fare but those are not to my taste. My wife and I like documentaries and British shows (Sherlock, Doctor Who, mysteries) but my daughter hates them.

Finally we all seem to like a good number of ‘R’ rated movies but our three-year-old granddaughter is with us all the time so those are out. I often watch a movie after I’ve put them all to bed.

Yikes! Netflix, Starz, and The Walking Dead

* Yikes! I don’t know what happened but while Netflix has plenty of music performances available, those ones I listed yesterday are not. I’m not sure what happened there – please accept my profoundest apologies.

* From Paid Content and Gizmodo, Netflix head muckety-muck Reed Hastings recently stated that copycat services like Amazon Prime are not his main competition. “It’s very easy for companies to over-estimate copycat competition and not see the real threat, you go back to 1995, and you talk to the Netscape sales force and ask them what their No. 1 competition is, and they’d say Spy Glass, which was taking a little market share from them at the time. But the real competition was Microsoft and bundling.”

For a man who spent most of 2011 making ham-fisted and clueless statements, this one is actually rather insightful. Hollywood’s pressure on Starz to not renew their Netflix contract (in spite of Netflix’ offer to give them TEN times the amount of the previous contract) has left a sizeable gap in the Netflix library.

The real competition for Netflix is whatever allows people to watch whatever they want, whenever they want. Sadly HBO will never deal with Netflix because of their HBO Go initiative. I can’t speak for other people but now that we’ve cut the cord, I love the freedom of stopping and starting programs whenever I wish. I also much prefer television shows as a season collection than as a week-to-week single viewing. I still indulge my Walking Dead fetish.

* Speaking of The Walking Dead, it has really improved since the mid-season break. I’ve loved the series all along – partially because of the graphic novels, partially because of the wonderful characters – but the business at the farm was very slow-moving and the Sophia subplot was good (with an excellent resolution) but dragged on for far too many episodes. Obviously some of the people on the show thought so as well because the last three episodes have been action-packed while still retaining those good character moments. KNB’s makeup effects are outstanding as always.

It is obvious that they are already setting up Season 3 to include The Governor. I’m not sure how I feel about that. The Governor and Michonne are two fan-favorite characters from the comics but I actually dislike them because they (especially The Governor) are so clearly comic book characters. I hope they are changed significantly for the show.

Amazon & The Prime Directive & A Little Hulu Too

I often mention that we have cut the cable here thanks to the cornucopia available on Netflix and Hulu. The biggest exception to that is that I’m addicted to The Walking Dead. I buy each episode from Amazon the day after it airs. Each episode is only $1.99 ($2.99 in HD) and there are only 13 episodes this season so basically you can get the whole season for $26 ($39 for HD) at least six months before the DVD will be released. You do have to have an Amazon-compatible device (like the Roku) to play them on the TV.

Amazon Prime is looking to be a major player in the video world. So far their offerings are nice but they run a very distant third to Netflix and Hulu and most of their movies and shows are duplicated by one or both services. On the other hand if you are an Amazon addict then the Free 2-day shipping may make the choice for you.

Amazon Prime just added a lending library for the Kindle so my wonderful wife may be signing us up shortly. With Amazon releasing a $200 tablet shortly to compete with Apple, I would expect them to sign a bunch more content partners for video over the next few months.

Amazon currently has a FREE trial month of Prime if you haven’t used it yet. It costs $79 a year which breaks down to $6.58 a month so it is fairly inexpensive for the number of benefits you receive.

Hulu just added a bunch of CW shows so I can watch Supernatural on my Roku! Woohoo! For the rest of you, there is Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, 90210, Ringer, Nikita, Hart of Dixie, Gossip Girl and America’s Next Top Model.

Horror TV Redux – Walking Dead and Vampire Diaries

I disappear for a week and a half Disney holiday and come back to find even more horror TV available on Netflix.

The Walking Dead (2010) – Rated TV-14

Sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to discover the world plagued by zombies and small bands of human survivors forced into small, fiercely protective groups. Falling back on his old job, Rick sets out to lead mankind out of darkness.

I simply cannot recommend this series enough. The graphic novels by Robert Kirkman are excellent and this series is a wonderful adaptation without being slavishly faithful. The first season is now available on instant Netflix. The effects work by KNB is superb.

As with the best zombie movies, the emphasis here is on the survivors and the interplay between them. The only slight annoyance is the borrowing of the beginning from Day of the Triffids (much like 28 Days Later did).

The Vampire Diaries (2009-10) – Rated TV-14

Trapped in adolescent bodies, feuding vampire brothers Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) vie for the affection of captivating high schooler Elena (Nina Dobrev), who attempts to unravel the many dark secrets of her hometown of Mystic Falls. Based on the book series by L.J. Smith, this supernatural teen drama grows even more intriguing with the unexpected arrival of Katherine, a treacherous vampire vixen and dead ringer for Elena.

Netflix just inked a nice deal with CW and now the first two seasons of this show are available (as are Nikita and Gossip Girl). Supernatural will be available in January. I haven’t had a chance to watch Vampire Diaries but, based on a recommendation from my sister-in-law, I am looking forward to it.