Regal Simpsonville Stadium 14 and IMAX

I took my wife to the only Baskin-Robbins within a hundred miles of our house. It was her birthday and, as a child, she always used to get a Mudpie from them. Since we were out of town anyway, we stopped by their local theater which happened to be IMAX!



They had the usual assortment of lobby standees.

Train Your Dragon


I loved this sign on the way in to Godzilla. It made me laugh. At least personnel should be able to get inside earlier to clean.




I asked how long they had been open and they said four years. I was curious because their bathrooms were spotless and gleaming. The IMAX theater had a very nice screen and sound system but it would be hard to justify it as a regular expense as a matinee ticket was $17.50.

They have a handful of arcade machines shoehorned into a small alcove (I almost didn’t spot it). The usual assortment of Regal snacks were available. I tried the pretzel bites with cheese (the cheese was fine but the bites were microwaved with predictable results). They had some funnel cake fries that I missed out on trying.

I can see this theater being described as a hidden gem as it is located in the middle of nowhere. It looks like they purchased a large plot of land, mowed it under, and plopped down a huge movie complex. There is a shopping center down the road but nothing in the immediate vicinity. There was almost no signage visible along the way either.