Netflix This ‘n’ That

The Killing

* My wife and I have enjoyed The Killing (in spite of the very poor ending of season 1). The show was cancelled but Netflix is rescuing it from oblivion. Like Arrested Development, Netflix is paying for another season of The Killing. I like this trend. Too bad Nathan Fillion has a hit show, everyone would love a Firefly revival.


* Netflix is rolling out yet another graphical update. Due first on the Roku 3, PS4, PS3, and Xbox One and 360, it will roll out over a few months to other platforms. There will be a lot more information, better organization, and a much better search feature.

This and That – Roku 3 and Netflix

* I love one of Netflix’ new features. I have not seen it announced but when Season 7 of Futurama showed up, Netflix emailed me a notice as I had watched the previous seasons. Ditto when season 3 of Archer showed up.

* Another new feature of Netflix that rolls out this week is sharing on Facebook. Your friends will be able to see what you’ve watched and rated highly and vice versa. If you are embarrassed by a movie, you can choose not to share a particular movie. The default setting is share on Netflix but not on Facebook. Facebook can be turned on or the share feature can be completely turned off in your settings menu.

Do you really want your friends to know that you have a fetish for Korean soap operas? Or that you just watched the documentary After Porn Ends?

* Speaking of desirable features, the new Roku 3 features a new interface that is grid-based (using up some of the wasted space from the current design). The new interface is supposed to roll out to older Rokus as well. The Roku 3 unit also boots up considerably faster. My favorite feature is that there is a headphone jack in the remote (!!!) and earbuds so you can have quiet time.

* Center for Science in the Public Interest is having a drive to pressure movie theaters to be required to post calorie information as restaurants have to. A large popcorn from Regal clocks in at 1,200 calories without extra ‘butter’ – add a candy and soda to that and you have a day’s worth of calories in one sitting – one glorious, diabetes-inducing sitting.