Oh Regal, You So Crazy! Spectre Ultimate Ticket

Regal Cinemas

I love Regal’s special offers and try to take as much advantage of them as I can. Their newest offer is hilarious. They are offering what they call the Regal Ultimate Ticket to Spectre. For $100 plus shipping (seriously, they aren’t even covering the shipping of a card!), you get an anodized steel collectible card that they will personalize with your name.



So what does this card do? It allows you to see the new Bond movie at Regal Cinemas every single day. Of course they do specify only once a day and there is no mention of it being valid for RPX or IMAX. Of course as this is the only intrinsic value of the card and tickets run $8-10 in my area, I’d have to see Spectre at least ten times to get the value of the card (slightly less if they allow it to be used for RPX or IMAX).

I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie ten times in the theater. My guess would be that if I have, it would have been Star Wars or Grease when I was a kid. I’m not above seeing a movie two or three times but ten? Speaking of Star Wars, I could really see this being a hot item for that movie.

On the other hand, this might make a great collectible.

Hot Dog! Lots of Regal Offers!

Regal Cinemas

* Tomorrow (9/17), Regal and a number of other chains are offering a double feature: Maze Runner and the new sequel, The Scorch Trials. The neat thing is that Regal (mine at least) is offering the double feature for the same price as a ticket to just the sequel. The double feature starts at 6 with The Scorch Trials premiering at 8. I love double features and marathons but I’ll be working.

* Starting Thursday, receive an Everest patch with IMAX 3D ticket purchase while supplies last. I have found that most theaters forget about this type of promotion so if you go, make sure to ask if they have them.

* Speaking of IMAX, Regal still has the deal where if you see two eligible IMAX films using your RCC card, they will give you $10 off a ticket for a third. I went to see Mad Max Fury Road on IMAX last weekend and it was amazing on the huge screen.

* The first 50 ticket holders to go see Captive will receive a collector’s ticket

* As usual, Regal still has $2 candy Monday and $2 popcorn Tuesday


Regal Crown Club

* If you download the Regal app to your phone, September’s coupon (which can be used on multiple visits) is $1 off a hot dog. I’m not sure if this is just regular hot dogs or also the footlongs and the corn dog minis.

Regal’s New Crown Club Card

Regal Cinemas


I spent the past weekend at a conference in Atlanta with my wife and granddaughter. I hate Atlanta – too hot, too many people, too much traffic – but while I was there, I got to try out Regal’s new pilot program for their rewards card. It is currently in Beta and I am not sure what other markets it is in (certainly not our Asheville one).

I have to say both that I hate it and that I cannot wait until it comes to Asheville. Periodically, theaters and stores will revise their rewards programs in order to ‘serve you better’. This is typically market speak for we are taking away what you liked about our program and giving you something far worse and cutting your benefits but we’ll make it shiny so you won’t notice (looking at you Best Buy).

Their current program gives you a point per dollar spent, with a lot of caps and restrictions, namely a maximum of 20 box office credits per day (two tickets at most theaters will put you over that) and only a handful of credits for concessions. Every 50 points nets you something (small popcorn, small soda, movie ticket) in a set rotation.

The new program removes the point caps and restrictions (nice) and allows you to choose your own reward (incredibly nice) but makes those rewards much more expensive (gotcha!). It changes the point system to one you can spend and makes it a point per penny instead of per dollar so switching makes you think you are getting a lot more.

What makes the new program worthwhile? Well, in addition to the now overpriced FREE drinks, popcorn, and movies, you can use your points for movie tchochkes! The most expensive thing they had were 27″x40″ movie posters of current and upcoming features for 11,000 points. Some tchotchkes were already sold out like Jurassic World pins and a pretty nifty Mad Max backpack.

I would much rather earn points for tchotchkes than continue to get FREE popcorns that I save for my wife, small sodas that I have to pay to upgrade, and movie tickets where I’m going to go to the movie anyway.

The new program also had bonus points for daily movie visits at three different levels of membership (a la the new Coke Rewards program). Thankfully unlike Coke, the program does not rely on social media to up your level. On your sixth visit, you get Emerald status (250 extra points per day you attend I think). On your 20th visit of the year, you get the highest level which nets you 1,000 bonus points per day you attend. I will say that the points plus the highest bonus level points did not equal as fast as you earn rotational rewards now.

Sadly, while I was in the program for seeing a movie in Atlanta, as soon as I went to a movie on my return to Asheville, it switched me back to the regular rewards program and now I have no access to the beta test. /sigh if only I had spent those points before seeing Jurassic World.

It was fun while it lasted and I look forward to the corporate-wide rollout. With a good enough set of movie merchandise, I could see making Regal my go to destination for the movies.

Double Features and Marathons!

Double Features and Marathons are my two favorite kinds of movies. I’m writing this ahead of time but I’m sure that I had a blast at the Avengers Double Feature.

Pitch Perfect Double Feature


Cinemark and Celebration! are both running a Pitch Perfect double feature on Thursday 5/14. It is not unlikely that Regal and AMC will follow suit. Unfortunately there is no Mad Max marathon for Mad Max Fury Road which also starts 5/14.

Jurassic Park


I am also hopeful of a Jurassic Park marathon with the new feature. Currently the only option is May 9th, the Academy of Natural Sciences is showing the first three movies on the big screen (but not the new one) at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pa.

There are still some other possibilities this summer. I’d love (and even travel for) a Terminator marathon in front of the new feature. A Despicable Me marathon (1, 2, and Minions) would be great for my granddaughter and I. Perhaps a Magic Mike double feature to please the ladies. Oooh, how about a new and old Poltergeist? That last is exceptionally unlikely as the studios hate showing the original with the reboot (so much so that when our local cinema tried to book the original Carrie, they actually refused.). Other options include a Ted double feature and an Insidious marathon.

Sunset Drive-In


Speaking of double features, the Sunset Drive-In in Shelby, NC has opened for the season. This weekend (Friday and Saturday) they will be playing Avengers: Age of Ultron and Cinderella for only $12 a carload. I’m waiting for my granddaughter to be a little older before taking her but you should definitely go see a Drive-In movie if and when you can.

I am proud that both of my daughters have memories of the Waynesville Drive-In before it shut down a decade or so ago.

BOGO Movie Tickets – The Giver & When The Game Stands Tall

In a last ditch effort to grab some dollars in a very sagging movie market, several chains are offering Buy One, Get One FREE deals.

The Giver


Regal, Epic, AMC, and other chains are offering Buy One, Get One FREE tickets to The Giver for the next week.

When the Game Stands Tall


AMC, Epic and other chains are also offering Buy One, Get One FREE tickets this week for When the Game Stands Tall.

The BoxTrolls


Sun-Maid is giving away 5,000 pairs of tickets to see The BoxTrolls. The random giveaway is here.

Return of the Double Feature – Jump Street and Dragon

I love double features and marathons. Sadly I won’t be able to see either of these.

Jump Street


* Regal, Cinemark, AMC, Metro, and Arclight Cinemas are offering 21 and 22 Jump Street as a double feature on 6/12/14. Regal’s price is a very reasonable $15 and starts at 5 p.m. Participating Regal theaters can be found here. Regal Crown Club members receive a coupon for a $5 medium combo (which can be upgraded).

Double Dragon

* AMC also has a How to Train Your dragon double feature the same day. The original is shown at 6 p.m. with the sequel following at 8.

AMC Best Picture Showcase – AMC 3, Regal 0, Carolina Cinemas Yumm

AMC Oscar


AMC Theaters is doing their Oscar nominee marathon again this year. Participating theaters are in the link above.

On Saturday, February 22nd, you can see four movies (Philomena, Dallas Buyer’s Club, The Wolf of Wall Street, and 12 Years a Slave) for $30.

On Saturday, March 1st, you can watch the five remaining Best Picture nominees (Nebraska, Captain Phillips, Her, American Hustle, and Gravity) for $40.

If you want to go both days, the combo ticket is $60. Each day gives you $5 bonus bucks on your Stubs card. A few markets are doing a one-day blitz of all nine movies on March 1st. Of course, if you do that you are unlikely to be awake for the Oscars the next day.

We do not have an AMC theater in our area. Regal, which had an Oscar marathon last year, declined to do it this year, citing that most of the movies were still in theaters anyway (a rather weak excuse in my opinion, especially since we have two Regal theaters comprising 22 screens and only Philomena is playing at them – the other eight nominees having been and gone).

/sigh I love movie marathons. I’m hoping Regal has a marathon of Captain America, The Avengers, and Captain America: Winter Soldier like the one they did for Thor: Dark World.

Regal Cinemas


* Speaking of Regal Cinemas, I have a Regal Cinema Club card that I use every time I attend to earn the usual popcorn, soda, and movie tickets. They have a special Elite card that they can give out when you reach 10,000 points. I say can because they have to pick you for Elite status, you don’t automatically earn it at 10,000.

Searching the internet, I found several people who had gotten the card but none who talked about the swag package that supposedly comes with it. I won’t reach that lofty total any time soon because I split my time between Regal Biltmore Grande, Carolina Cinemas, and Epic in Hendersonville with occasional side trips when I’m out of town.

Carolina Cinemas


* Speaking of Carolina Cinemas, as if they weren’t already my number one choice, they have just introduced a new menu. This new menu includes locally sourced meats, vegetables, and cheeses as well as breads from Carolina Mountain Bakery. Many of the new options are Gluten-Free and/or Vegetarian (this is Asheville).

The one I’m looking forward to trying: Asheville Cheese Plate ($9) – 2 selected cheeses from local producers, fresh bread from Carolina Mountain Bakery, selected local fruit, and a rotating seasonal accompaniment.

Anchor Management – The Retailing of Ron Burgundy

Anchorman 2


I’m not a huge comedy fan but I did enjoy Will Ferrell’s Anchorman. I think their ad campaign for the sequel, Anchorman 2, is impressive. Everywhere I go I see Ron Burgundy shilling products such as the Durango.


My daughter picked up the Anchorman: Rich Mahogany Edition at Wal-Mart. Let me tell you that is an incredible deal. For less than $20, you get the Blu-Ray of Anchorman with loads of special features, the digital version of the movie (Vudu), a T-Shirt, a FREE pint of Ben & Jerry’s from Wal-Mart, a booklet, and a FREE ticket to Anchorman 2.

Ben & Jerry

If you go to Target and buy 3 specially marked packages of Ben & Jerry’s, you get a FREE ticket to Anchorman 2. Ben & Jerry’s even has a special Ron Burgundy flavor, Scotchy Scotch Scotch!

Top all of that off with Regal Cinemas showing a double feature of Anchorman and Anchorman 2 tonight. I’m trying to decide whether to take off and go in a couple hours. I have a lot of work to do but I do love a double feature and my wife is busy.


Frozen Knoxville Pinnacle Stadium 18 Catching Fire

Along with apparently everyone else, I got to see Catching Fire and Frozen over the holiday weekend. We were visiting Knoxville and went to the Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 Imax & RPX.

Frozen Marc

The last time we came we saw Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Imax. The movie was great but their Imax cinema is unimpressive. It is one of those baby Imax theaters. The screen is large but not as large as at a real Imax theater. Remembering this we saw Catching Fire in one of the normal cinemas.

Pinnacle Lobby

This Regal made a number of improvements since the last time. As with my beloved Carolina Cinemas, the soda fountains are out with the customers. This is such an easy and marked improvement. Soda costs almost nothing – it is still true that most of the cost of the soda is in the cup. Cups were a little oddly sized as the lids were one size fits all (except kiddy). The Regal 56 oz. bucket of soda that I could barely carry one-handed was gone as there is no need to ‘stock up’ on soda when you can slip out for a quick refill.

Wife Selfie


They also had a frozen yogurt dispenser which was fascinating. At the condiment cube, they had both popcorn ‘butter’ and salt so you can season your popcorn to your heart’s content. The bathrooms had not only the Excel jet dryers but also the Dyson ones. The Dyson ones look cool and dry quickly but it’s much like playing a game of Operation, trying not to touch the germ-ridden sides.

Lego Marc


The lobby was nice and spacious with plenty of room for displays and arcade games (and lines should circumstance require).

Regal Classic Film Series – Bonnie and Clyde, The Matrix, The Shining

Regal TheaterWhile my favorite local movie theater, Carolina Cinemas, shows a classic movie every month in their downstairs theater, this is unusual. Demand for returning movies must be high though as Regal has just announced their classic film series. To find out if your theater is going to play these, the participating list can be found here. Shows are at 2 p.m. on Sundays and both 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde will be shown on Sunday October 13th and Wednesday October 16th.

The Matrix

The Matrix will be shown on Sunday October 20th and Wednesday October 23rd.

The Shining will be shown on Sunday October 27th and Wednesday October 30th.

Dirty Harry

Dirty Harry will be shown on Sunday November 3rd and Wednesday November 6th.

JFK will be shown on Sunday November 10th and Wednesday November 13th.

Risky Business will be shown on Sunday November 17th and Wednesday November 20th.

Regal Crown Club members receive 50 extra credits for seeing any three films in the series and 100 extra credits for seeing all six. Extra credits will be awarded at the conclusion of the series. This is quite a lot of bonus points for card members.

Strangely all six films chosen are adult in nature, i.e. all are rated R, so I clearly won’t be taking adorable granddaughter to these.