Yay! I’m finally on vacation!

Mural begins

Woohoo! Sorry but posts are sporadic this week as I flee this dreary winter for sunny Mexico. I leave you a picture essay of the mural a friend of ours did for our wall over the course of many months. This is his rendition of the poster for the Hammer movie, Quatermass and the Pit (1967). This movie was known as Five Million Years to Earth here in the States.

Mural and cat


Partially finished mural with Chupacabra (happy cat according to our granddaughter), Chupa is sitting on my 60-in-1 cocktail arcade machine. The arcade machine is a wonderful showpiece and everyone who sees it, loves it but it turns out that the fun is mostly nostalgic. I play a few times a week for a brief bit of fun so that was a bit of extravagance.

More mural

Art and mural


Art finishing up his wonderful mural.

Final mural


Final mural.

Some More Movie Displays

First, Art finally finished my movie room mural and it is gorgeous.



Quatermass and the Pit is my favorite Hammer horror movie, which seems odd given that it stars neither Peter Cushing nor Christopher Lee. Obviously others feel the same way as the out-of-print U.S. DVD fetches ridiculous prices. It is much cheaper to buy a British DVD compatible player and order the British DVD from Amazon UK.



Darling granddaughter in front of Transformers display…

Train Your Dragon


…and the one she is really interested in, How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Off to the Movies I Will Go…

…where I learned everything that I know. (paraphrasing)

No news here today – just a rambling train of thought as I head out for a day at the movies.

I love going to the movies.

Unfinished Mural

I keep trying to make my movie room like a theater. There are movie posters plastering the walls, including some prized ones like an original Last Man on Earth, several Etsy Hammer posters, several signed posters, and one from Mister White, the movie one of my daughters worked on. We’re in the process of having a mural done based on an old poster of Quatermass and the Pit. I love my movie room.

I have the largest television we could afford, a 60″ plasma. We sit just a few feet away from it. Of course everyone wants larger but mine is a good size and does the job well (insert your own joke here). We have comfortable seating for three and can squeeze a couple more in but it is not a very large room.


The latest addition was the popcorn machine and, properly utilized, the popcorn tastes better than theater popcorn and is much better for you. For those of you with a machine at home, use the Great Northern portion packs, available from Amazon. We also bought a case of 500 popcorn bags which we are not quite out of.

Captain America: Winter Soldier

Still even though I love my room, I still love going TO the movies. Once a month or so, I run off for a day at the movies. As I write this I’m about to go to Subway for lunch. followed by Noah, Sabotage, and ‘capped off’ by a Captain America double feature. I was lucky enough to find out that my local theater, Epic, was doing a double feature as I hadn’t seen any advertising for it. Also thank goodness that they have unlimited refills on their, admittedly overpriced, plastic tubs of soda and popcorn. Dare I say that today will be Epic?

So why can’t I stay home and buy the movies when they come out? Honestly, you don’t have to wait that long any more – usually about three months. Purchasing a brand new movie on Blu-Ray is usually about $20 on release week so that’s less than two evening tickets.

I think part of it is the enforced setting. At home, we all watch movies but our electronic devices run non-stop. Interruptions are constant from conversations and phone calls to knocks on the door. We pause the movies to do various things, which is normally a plus but pulls you out of the story. I’m getting up every fifteen minutes or so to refill drinks, provide meals/snacks, use the restroom, help four-year-old, et cetera.

At the theater, the lights go down and the magic begins. If one is lucky, no one ruins the movie by being on their phone or otherwise rude. Two hours later, you return to your normal, drab life (which is probably why I schedule marathon sessions).

So I have the best of both worlds. I can watch movies in the comfort of my home with a fabulous meal and periodically I can go to the theater. My life is pretty blessed.


Home Theater Mural and Popcorn Machine

Having devoted all of our living room to a home theater (because loving wife loves me) and plastering the walls with movie posters, we wondered what we could do to improve it. I’ve previously spoken of the wonderful arcade cocktail table we got. My wife thought we should hire one of our artistic friends to do a mural.



The central image is from the poster for Quatermass and the Pit (Five Million Years to Earth was the american title), one of my favorite Hammer movies. The mural isn’t complete and clearly Chupacabra (sitting on the arcade) is not impressed but I love it.

Popcorn Jenny

After much research on both our parts, Jenny bought a popcorn machine (Deluxe 4 oz. popcorn maker by Paramount) as well as a case each of 2.5 oz. (feeds 2) and 4 oz. popcorn (feeds 3-4) and 500 popcorn bags. The popcorn is from Great Northern and includes pre-measured amounts of popcorn, butter-flavored salt, and coconut oil. Each batch is absolutely delicious, though Jenny is our popcorn fanatic (she’s a salt junkie, I’m addicted to baked goods).

Dorothy Popcorn


My granddaughter Dorothy approves this message.