Alien – Titans Vinyl Nostromo Collection

My wife made me send her a list of my sixteen favorite horror movies in order the other month. I quickly jotted down about a hundred and then had trouble crossing the losers off the list. My top two slots went to Alien and Aliens.

Alien figures


I got a lot of these figures for my birthday. They are Titans vinyl figures and are way too expensive to collect. They are $10 a pop which isn’t awful but they are in blind boxes so you have no idea what you’re getting. Facehugger Kane and Spacesuit Ripley are commons but the bleeding-white-robotic-fluid Ash is a rare. Strangely, I haven’t gotten the Ash common.

Alien figures


I just love how much the Titans look like their movie counterparts while still being stylized. I find them to be much better than the similarly priced ReAction figures (although with ReAction, you see exactly what you are getting).

Alien figures


I have all of the characters from the movies, even though I am missing four of the figures: Common Ash, Regular Ripley, Rare Ripley (underwear?), and Rare Egg. I won’t need to buy any more unless I find them on clearance.

Alien figures


Embarrassing admission: The open mouth alien is the rare Alien BUT I somehow missed the extendable jaws in the box and now they are gone forever. So check your boxes carefully. I only found out when I googled to see a picture of the rare egg.

Embarrassing admission two: I forgot to take a picture of Captain Dallas.

I hope these did well enough that Titans wants to do Aliens…or Predator…or Terminator…or…well enough of reliving my childhood.

More New September Netflix Titles

More new instant Netflix titles for your perusal:


Action/Adventure: Parker, Brawler, Blood Money

Comedy: Cleaver Family Reunion, She Wants Me, The New Year, Nesting, King Kelly, John Caparulo: Come Inside Me, Jim Breuer: And Laughter for All

Documentary: Most Valuable Players, Unraveled, The Big Fix

Safe Haven

Drama: A Portrait of James Dean: Joshua Tree 1951, Safe Haven, We the Party, To the Wonder

Family: Gabe the Cupid Dog, My Babysitter’s a Vampire


Horror: Resolution, American Mary, Absence, Aftershock

Television: Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsey’s Best Restaurant, My Babysitter’s a Vampire and new episodes of The League and Bomb Girls

Thriller: Night Vision

Parker is a Dead Man Down in Oz

The Easter holiday was very good to me – swag-wise. Unfortunately you are stuck with my terrible photos as my loving wife is hard at work elsewhere.

Oz packageI won an Oz the Great and Powerful prize package from a Facebook trivia contest that Carolina Cinemas did. It includes a large Oz movie poster, an extra large Oz T-shirt (good thing as I’m extra large), a very nice Oz totebag, and an Oz notebook with a nice lenticular cover.

ParkerBefore I could go in to pick it up, Carolina Cinemas sent out a text message to subscribers (subscribing nets you a FREE promotional popcorn and you can subscribe at any time). While supplies lasted, when you showed the text while purchasing a ticket, you got a FREE spring cleaning goodie bag.

We went to see Stoker and my googie bag had an extra large Parker T-Shirt, an Oogie Loves glow wand, a Carolina Cinemas balloon, a pair of Croods 3D glasses, and a Dead Man Down martini glass

Dead Man DownJenny’s goodie bag was the same as mine except that it had an extra large Dead Man Down shirt instead of a Parker shirt.

Soooo I got two more martini glasses (for a total of four) and three more T-shirts (even though my T-shirt drawer is out of room) and all those other goodies. Pretty sweet.