Home Theater Mural and Popcorn Machine

Having devoted all of our living room to a home theater (because loving wife loves me) and plastering the walls with movie posters, we wondered what we could do to improve it. I’ve previously spoken of the wonderful arcade cocktail table we got. My wife thought we should hire one of our artistic friends to do a mural.



The central image is from the poster for Quatermass and the Pit (Five Million Years to Earth was the american title), one of my favorite Hammer movies. The mural isn’t complete and clearly Chupacabra (sitting on the arcade) is not impressed but I love it.

Popcorn Jenny

After much research on both our parts, Jenny bought a popcorn machine (Deluxe 4 oz. popcorn maker by Paramount) as well as a case each of 2.5 oz. (feeds 2) and 4 oz. popcorn (feeds 3-4) and 500 popcorn bags. The popcorn is from Great Northern and includes pre-measured amounts of popcorn, butter-flavored salt, and coconut oil. Each batch is absolutely delicious, though Jenny is our popcorn fanatic (she’s a salt junkie, I’m addicted to baked goods).

Dorothy Popcorn


My granddaughter Dorothy approves this message.