Tucker & Dale vs. Evil – Actionfest week

This is Actionfest week where I am reviewing some of the films I saw at the wonderful Actionfest. I will return to reviewing instant Netflix movies next week. I saw Tucker & Dale vs. Evil at a midnight showing.

WATCH: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2009) – NR – This movie is not rated but contains plenty of gore.

“Backwoods boys Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) expect a relaxing vacation at their rundown mountain cabin, but when college kids camping nearby accuse them of being psychotic killers, their peaceful trip turns into a nightmare in this indie horror comedy. The problems begin when the duo saves beautiful student Allisons (Katrina Bowden) life. Soon, numerous misunderstandings cause things to spiral into a grisly situation.”

Wow. I do not want to give away too many details about this movie but it is an absolutely hilarious reversal of standard slasher tropes.

Eli Craig and Morgan Jurgenson have written a masterpiece here. This is the first writing credit for Morgan and only the second for Eli (he also wrote the short The Tao of Pong). Most blurbs I have seen compare this movie to Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead. In tone it is quite like Shaun, Tucker & Dale is a very good-hearted comedy.

In form though it comes across more like Scream. Tucker & Dale takes the standard hillbillies killing off wayward teens in the woods story and turns it on its ear.

The direction is also by Eli Craig and for a first-time feature film director, he does an excellent job. The stunts and (practical) special effects are quite good. He keeps the action hopping at a brisk pace – there are plenty of gory deaths and lots of laughs.

Part of the magic in the film is definitely the casting.

Tyler Labine, an underrated actor most known for playing “Sock” in the TV series Reaper, plays Dale one of the leads. He plays Dale to lovable perfection as a self-esteem challenged hillbilly.

Alan Tudyk is the other lead and is a wonderful actor. He is best known for playing “Wash” on the TV series Firefly and the movie Serenity. Both are currently available on instant Netflix so why have you not watched them? Here he plays the hapless Tucker who just wants to fix up his vacation home.

Katrina Bowden is our resident damsel in distress. She is also from a TV background, playing Cerie on 30 Rock. Besides being gorgeous (sorry I am still a boy lolz), she has a very nice touch with comedy.

There are so many scenes that I would love to discuss but I prefer to leave them as surprises for you.

Tucker & Dale vs Evil is currently playing the festival circuit looking for a distributor. I find it difficult to understand why no one has snatched up this wonderful comedy but you can put it in your Netflix queue right now and you should.

I highly recommend this film. I was laughing most of the way through the movie as were most of the audience members.

People Watch: Sasha Craig who briefly plays a reporter here is married to Eli Craig. Prior to getting married she was Sasha Williams and played Kelsey Winslow aka Yellow Lightspeed Ranger on the Power Rangers series.