The Summer of Meh

I love summer blockbuster season. I am marginally a film critic and I do enjoy good, prestige movies. I watch innumerable independent films as well but I love a big action movie and summer is the season for those. I had high hopes this year but it has not panned out very well.

Iron Man 3: The Disneyfication of Marvel. Forget Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan, the Black Widow, and War Machine, let’s give Tony Stark a cute kid sidekick. Can we call him Short Round?

The Great Gatsby: A film adaptation of a book where the director honestly didn’t understand what the book was about.

Star Trek: Into Darkness: The plot is utter nonsense but this was a lot of fun just the same. I mean really just the same.

Fast & Furious 6: The World’s Longest Runway. I’m just saying.

Epic: Generic

After Earth: Hmm I already used Afterbirth for Asylum’s take on this film so maybe Crash & Burn. Sorry Will – people like you but are apparently not so keen on your forcing your son on us. Another nail in Shyamalan’s career.

Man of Steel: The Anti-Superman movie – way to Kryptonite the franchise yet many people enjoyed it and the sequel will feature a non-Bale Batman.

World War Z: IF you can forgive it for not having anything to do with the book (hope you enjoyed the payout Mr. Brooks) and don’t mind a PG-13 zombie movie, it was pretty intense and intelligent.

Monsters University

Monsters University: Fun but not the classic that Monsters, Inc was.

White House Down: White House Dumb, Olympus Has Fallen part Deux

The Lone Ranger: Actually Tonto – the movie would have been a lot shorter if Tonto had let him die.

Despicable Me 2

Despicable Me 2: Fun but not as good as the first PLUS I had to endure innumerable McDonald’s Happy Meals to get the toys for umm my granddaughter – yes my granddaughter wanted them.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim: Godzilla Meets Transformers but I still love monster movies. This could have been a lot better but was a bright spot this summer.

Red 2: More nonsense from folks who did not really understand what made the first one kind of, sort of, work. Still I love watching Helen Mirren kick butt.

R.I.P.D.: Men in Black 4, only supernatural instead of science fiction and poor CGI.

Turbo: Generic Cartoon 2: Electric Boogaloo

The Wolverine:X-Men 6 minus all the X-Men save two, and one of those is dead for the whole movie. The saving grace is the post-credits scene.

This was pretty much a summer with no new ideas. Of course the twelve-year-old boy inside of me enjoyed going to all of these movies even if the half-century old man knew most of them were duds.

Tons of More FREE Movies This Summer

Man of Steel

* This week K-Mart (if you still have one) is running a promo: If you buy four large bags of Twizzlers or Hershey Candy (9.4 oz – 17.6 oz) then you get a coupon (it spits out at the register) for $8 towards a Man of Steel movie ticket.

The Internship

* Walgreens has a $13 ticket to The Internship if you buy two AXE hair products.

Monsters University

* Specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s cereal have a FREE code to Monsters University but you have to have six codes to get a ticket.

* Alternately if you purchase Monsters, Inc. and enter the Disney rewards code, they will give you a ticket. Sadly if you are like me, you’ll need four tickets for this one.

* Best Buy has a display of $9.99 Blu-Rays with $8 in Fandango cash to see Fast & Furious 6. Titles includes the Fast & Furious series (Fast & Furious 5 is more than $9.99), the Bourne series, Pitch Black, Doom, Chronicles of Riddick, Scarface, King Kong, and Smokey and the Bandit.

* Best Buy also has a display of kids movies with up to $8 to see Epic. Titles include the Ice Age series, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and a Night at the Museum. Unfortunately they are not $9.99 but $11.99-$13.99.

* Best Buy also also has FREE tickets to see The Hangover part III and This is the End on many of their comedy blu-rays.

See Monsters University for FREE

Monsters UniversityMonsters University is coming out June 21st. Our family loves Disney and Pixar. This is the first prequel to a Pixar film and even my granddaughter loves Sully and Mike Wazowski. See:

Monsters, IncUnfortunately this means that I have to come up with FOUR tickets for this movie and about a hundred dollars in soda, popcorn, and candy. Assuming you are in the same boat, here are numerous ways to score FREE tickets

* Purchase any of the Monsters, Inc. combo packs and enter the Disney Movie Rewards code for a FREE ticket to Monsters University. Okay it’s a pretty expensive way to get a ticket unless you were going to buy it anyway.

* Purchase six (yes, six) specially marked packages of Kellogg’s cereal, enter the codes, and get a FREE ticket to Monsters University. Sigh, again too expensive unless you were going to buy the cereal anyway.

* Purchase three specially marked packages of Magnum ice cream bars, enter the codes, and get a FREE movie ticket to any movie (most theaters participate). Drawback: I have yet to see this promotion in stores.

* Purchase four specially marked packages of Tony’s/Freschetta/Red Baron/Pagoda, enter the codes, and get a FREE movie ticket. The promotion is Iron Man 3 branded but the ticket is good for any movie. Limit two per household. I found this to be worthwhile using Wal-Mart ($3.33 per Red Baron pizza), not so much Ingles ($5.68 per pizza ugh).

* Finally use your Disney Rewards points to purchase movie tickets. It costs 425 points per ticket and there is a limit of four purchases per lifetime. I used mine all up to take everyone to Oz. Drawback: You have to catch these in stock – they go in and out all the time.

Don’t forget to sign up for Disney Movie Rewards. It’s FREE and even if you don’t buy DVDs, you can upload you movie ticket stubs for points. Also uploading your movie ticket stubs nets you bonus points if you later purchase the movie.