Friday This ‘n’ That – FREE Monsters, Inc.


Inside Out

Please accept my apologies for the lack of posts this week. When I’m sick, I’m happy enough to plug away on the keyboard even in a fuzzy state. Unfortunately, my darling granddaughter has been sick all week so I have been taking car of her. She is very demanding and, when I haven’t been doing chores or taking care of things in general, I have been sitting on the couch with her watching Inside Out (Vudu), Monsters, Inc. (ditto), animated Batman (Amazon Prime), Octonauts (Netflix), The Simpsons (Hulu), and ugh play-doh toy videos on YouTube.


Anyways, stay healthy folks and avoid this plague like it was the…well you get the idea. Speaking of Monsters, Inc., I got it FREE for connecting my Disney Movies Anywhere account to Amazon. You can too!

See Monsters University for FREE

Monsters UniversityMonsters University is coming out June 21st. Our family loves Disney and Pixar. This is the first prequel to a Pixar film and even my granddaughter loves Sully and Mike Wazowski. See:

Monsters, IncUnfortunately this means that I have to come up with FOUR tickets for this movie and about a hundred dollars in soda, popcorn, and candy. Assuming you are in the same boat, here are numerous ways to score FREE tickets

* Purchase any of the Monsters, Inc. combo packs and enter the Disney Movie Rewards code for a FREE ticket to Monsters University. Okay it’s a pretty expensive way to get a ticket unless you were going to buy it anyway.

* Purchase six (yes, six) specially marked packages of Kellogg’s cereal, enter the codes, and get a FREE ticket to Monsters University. Sigh, again too expensive unless you were going to buy the cereal anyway.

* Purchase three specially marked packages of Magnum ice cream bars, enter the codes, and get a FREE movie ticket to any movie (most theaters participate). Drawback: I have yet to see this promotion in stores.

* Purchase four specially marked packages of Tony’s/Freschetta/Red Baron/Pagoda, enter the codes, and get a FREE movie ticket. The promotion is Iron Man 3 branded but the ticket is good for any movie. Limit two per household. I found this to be worthwhile using Wal-Mart ($3.33 per Red Baron pizza), not so much Ingles ($5.68 per pizza ugh).

* Finally use your Disney Rewards points to purchase movie tickets. It costs 425 points per ticket and there is a limit of four purchases per lifetime. I used mine all up to take everyone to Oz. Drawback: You have to catch these in stock – they go in and out all the time.

Don’t forget to sign up for Disney Movie Rewards. It’s FREE and even if you don’t buy DVDs, you can upload you movie ticket stubs for points. Also uploading your movie ticket stubs nets you bonus points if you later purchase the movie.