Netflix Top Ten and MGM Deigns to Sprinkle Amazon

* Ugh! When is Netflix going to fix their suggestion algorithm? I just looked at their Top 10 suggestions for me. Six of the ten are items I have already WATCHED & RATED on Netflix. How is it a suggestion if I’ve already told you that I’ve seen it and how good it was? a seventh suggestion is one that I’ve watched on Netflix but have yet to rate because I haven’t finished it (the TV series Spaced with Simon Pegg). Out of their ten suggestions, there are only three actual suggestions – one animated that I might watch and a science fiction and a horror suggestion that I have no interest in.

* Amazon Prime has signed a deal with MGM for more streaming. Unfortunately while the news services tout this as news, it is not like you get a large selection of their films. Almost the entire Clint Eastwood catalog is MGM. After this deal, Amazon Prime users can watch a whopping four Clint Eastwood films (Where Eagles Dare, The Gauntlet, Paint Your Wagon and the Clint Eastwood-directed Breezy). So well over 50 starring roles and we get three. By contrast Netflix which did not announce a new deal has nine starring and a further two directorial efforts from Eastwood.

Okay let’s look at another hallmark of MGM – the James Bond series. Twenty-two films from Sean Connery’s Dr. No through Daniel Craig’s Quantum of Solace. How many are available through Amazon’s fantastic new MGM deal. Oh that’s right – not one. To be fair they were also yanked from Netflix. I guess they are trying to create value for the James Bond mega Blu-ray set available September 25th (all 22 and a hardcover book) and for the new Bond film, Skyfall (yay!).