R.I.P. Lizabeth Scott and Omar Sharif

Lizabeth Scott

Somehow I missed this news item from much earlier this year. Actress Lizabeth Scott passed away January 31st, 2015 at the age of 92. I came across her obituary as a result of the FREE TCM course on film noir (still available to all). She starred in 22 films across the span of film noir (40s and 50s).

Sadly, Netflix’ search engine doesn’t even know her (or Omar Sharif, who passed away recently). Hilariously, if you search on Bogart, you can look up Andrea, Dominic, or Keith but NOT Humphrey. Wow, that is quite the fail Netflix. Perhaps they disable the search term when no films from that actor are available.

Hulu has The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, Pitfall, and an episode of The Colgate Comedy Hour. Amazon Prime has Pitfall, Dark City, and I Walk Alone. I don’t know about The Colgate Comedy Hour but the others are all good examples of her fabulous work.

Omar Sharif

Actor Omar Sharif passed away July 10th at the age of 83. Since Netflix doesn’t recognize Omar Sharif, we have to turn to Amazon Prime. Prime has five of his movies streaming: The iconic Lawrence of Arabia (always a good choice), Crime and Passion, Beyond Justice, Shaka Zulu, and We Are Egypt.

Rest in peace, Omar Sharif and, belatedly, Lizabeth Scott. You will be missed (but apparently not by Netflix).

Film Noir on Hulu – The Big Combo, D.O.A.


I haven’t really had much time to peruse Netflix lately. For the next month, I am still taking Canvas Network and Turner Classic Movies’ FREE course on film noir. Netflix’ offerings on noir are pretty much non-existent. Their content from the past quarter century is phenomenal but the further back you go, the fewer offerings Netflix has.



Hulu, on the other hand, has been phenomenally helpful. Since the course started, I have watched The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, D.O.A., Kansas City Confidential, The Stranger, Pitfall, The Red House, The Big Combo. I still haven’t exhausted their supply of film noir. I also watched two of the most important precursors to noir: M and La Bete Humaine.

All of them are good but I would most recommend these two:

Strange Love of Martha Ivers


The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)

A ruthless, domineering woman is married to an alcoholic D.A., her childhood companion who is the only living witness to her murder of her rich aunt seventeen years earlier.”

“Don’t ever look back baby, don’t ever look back.” – The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

What a cast! Barbara Stanwyck is always fantastic. Lizabeth Scott was born to play in noir. Van Heflin and Kirk Douglas are the male leads.

The Big Combo

The Big Combo (1955)

A police lt. is ordered to stop investigating deadly crime boss Mr. Brown, because he hasn’t been able to get any hard evidence against him. He then goes after Brown’s girlfriend who despises him, for information instead.”

“It happens to be against two laws: God’s and Man’s. I’m booking her under the second.”

Look for a young Earl Holliman and a young Lee van Cleef as henchmen.