Discover New TV shows with ummm Discovery & TLC

Another day, another new set of TV shows – this time from Discovery/TLC/Animal Planet.


“Fearless hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman take viewers on an eye-opening — and often explosive — journey as they examine some of the most commonly held beliefs in popular science and culture.”

Another new collection (season).

Dirty Jobs (2005-2011)

“Ready to tackle any job no matter how disgusting or hazardous, host Mike Rowe travels across America to work side by side with the men and women who perform such thankless tasks as inspecting sewers, retrieving roadkill and handling snakes. Equally horrifying and hilarious, this Discovery Channel reality series shines a light on the lengths that hardworking people go to every day in order to make our lives better.”

Another new collection.

L.A. Ink (2007-2011)

“This fascinating Learning Channel reality series follows noted tattoo artist Kat Von D as she fulfills her dream of opening a tattoo parlor in Los Angeles, where she inks celebrities and ordinary citizens alike. But it’s not all fun and games. As she turns her clients’ artistic visions into stunning skin art, Kat contends with the challenges facing every small-business owner, including fickle employees and fierce competition.”

Another new season.

Man vs. Wild (2006-2011)

There isn’t a situation on Earth ex-British special forces soldier Bear Grylls can’t survive, even if he’s forced to drink his own urine to stay hydrated. (And if there is? Well, this globe-trotting Discovery Channel series has yet to find it.) Whether he’s braving scorching temperatures in the Sahara Desert or trekking his way across a Patagonian glacier, Grylls never fails to find his way back to civilization.”

Another new collection.

Freaky Eaters (2010)

“TLC’s Freaky Eaters documents the struggles of those with a compulsion towards a particular food. With the help of experts, they confront the painful truth behind their food obsession and reclaim control of their diet.”

First season available.

Cold Diggers (2010)

“Two tough teams of drillers hunt for natural gas in the remote Canadian North, in the dead of winter. Follow these crews as they fight for survival from arctic blizzards, treacherously thin ice roads, and looming deadlines.”

First season available.

I’m Alive (2009-2011)

“Animal Planet tells the inspirational stories of people who were determined to survive an animal attack. In one moment, a chance encounter with an animal can take your life away, but these victims decided to take life back.”

Two seasons available.

Oddities (2010)

“Obscura in New York’s East Village is renowned for having some of the most-eccentric antique pieces found anywhere; along with an assortment of unique patrons that are often even more outlandish than the merchandise.”

First season available.

My Strange Addiction (2011)

“This documentary series tells the compelling stories of individuals who are battling unusual obsessive behaviors, following them as they reveal their addictions to friends and family and meet with psychological experts to understand their condition.”

First season available.