Happy Birthday, Honey!

Happy Birthday to the love of my life, Jenny!

I trust I sang the praises of my wife enough on our anniversary that all and sundry know what an incredible human being she is (and not just because she puts up with me). She enriches the life of everyone she meets.

Thankfully she also has a wonderful sense of humor. I say thankfully because her day so far:

The Surgeon

Anxiously awaiting word of our youngest daughter, who underwent a fairly serious surgery this morning. Happy Birthday #1! (She came through just fine.)

Krispy Kreme

She needed to go into work today so, because it was her birthday, she stopped at Krispy Kreme to pick up doughnuts for her co-workers.

Jen Overheating

While there, her car overheated. Happy Birthday #2! She waited for the car to cool down and limped over to Dale’s (our local fix-it shop). I came over and picked her up and drove her in to work (snagging a doughnut from the work boxes – yoink!).


I hope the rest of her day goes better but we have been celebrating all month. Around here, May is known as Jennapalooza because there is no reason such a wonderful woman should only celebrate her birth on a single day.

BSG Hot Tub

The theme of this year’s Jennapalooza has been pampering. We’ve had a visit to Shoji Spa for two hours of hot-tubbing at sundown in the mountains. She’s gotten a mani-pedi and tomorrow she is getting a massage (thankfully paid for before the car broke down). This Saturday, provided vehicles are working, we are using our annual passes to take the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad to Dillsboro.


Still her actual birthday has been less than inspiring so far. Chin up, honey! I love you! I’ll pick you up at work when you’re ready.