Friday This ‘n’ That – FREE Monsters, Inc.


Inside Out

Please accept my apologies for the lack of posts this week. When I’m sick, I’m happy enough to plug away on the keyboard even in a fuzzy state. Unfortunately, my darling granddaughter has been sick all week so I have been taking car of her. She is very demanding and, when I haven’t been doing chores or taking care of things in general, I have been sitting on the couch with her watching Inside Out (Vudu), Monsters, Inc. (ditto), animated Batman (Amazon Prime), Octonauts (Netflix), The Simpsons (Hulu), and ugh play-doh toy videos on YouTube.


Anyways, stay healthy folks and avoid this plague like it was the…well you get the idea. Speaking of Monsters, Inc., I got it FREE for connecting my Disney Movies Anywhere account to Amazon. You can too!

Regal Hollywood Stadium 20 & RPX – Greenville, SC

We had the opportunity this past weekend to knock off another theater I hadn’t been to. Yes, it is just an excuse to post pictures of my granddaughter. The front sidewalk has an enormous amount of room. I’m not sure if they use it for events or not. They have the usual Regal people ropes (a la Disney) for properly herding ticket buyers.

Regal Hollywood 20


Inside I was surprised that they had ropes again for herding customers to the refreshment counter. I guess they get bigger crowds than I am used to. The usual Regal fare was there (soda, icees, popcorn, candy, hot dogs, pretzels). Miss D found a Minions display.



They also had a really nice full-size Kung Fu Panda statue (which will come in handy for the third movie).

Kung Fu Panda


We didn’t try the RPX (which I love in Asheville) as the film was Ted 2 and just a tad inappropriate for the little one. Seating was stadium-style but the seats were rather hard and not very comfortable.

A good time was had by all at Inside Out but no one was particularly impressed by it. I think I enjoyed it more than the girls did.