Oh Regal, You So Crazy! Spectre Ultimate Ticket

Regal Cinemas

I love Regal’s special offers and try to take as much advantage of them as I can. Their newest offer is hilarious. They are offering what they call the Regal Ultimate Ticket to Spectre. For $100 plus shipping (seriously, they aren’t even covering the shipping of a card!), you get an anodized steel collectible card that they will personalize with your name.



So what does this card do? It allows you to see the new Bond movie at Regal Cinemas every single day. Of course they do specify only once a day and there is no mention of it being valid for RPX or IMAX. Of course as this is the only intrinsic value of the card and tickets run $8-10 in my area, I’d have to see Spectre at least ten times to get the value of the card (slightly less if they allow it to be used for RPX or IMAX).

I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie ten times in the theater. My guess would be that if I have, it would have been Star Wars or Grease when I was a kid. I’m not above seeing a movie two or three times but ten? Speaking of Star Wars, I could really see this being a hot item for that movie.

On the other hand, this might make a great collectible.

Hot Dog! Lots of Regal Offers!

Regal Cinemas

* Tomorrow (9/17), Regal and a number of other chains are offering a double feature: Maze Runner and the new sequel, The Scorch Trials. The neat thing is that Regal (mine at least) is offering the double feature for the same price as a ticket to just the sequel. The double feature starts at 6 with The Scorch Trials premiering at 8. I love double features and marathons but I’ll be working.

* Starting Thursday, receive an Everest patch with IMAX 3D ticket purchase while supplies last. I have found that most theaters forget about this type of promotion so if you go, make sure to ask if they have them.

* Speaking of IMAX, Regal still has the deal where if you see two eligible IMAX films using your RCC card, they will give you $10 off a ticket for a third. I went to see Mad Max Fury Road on IMAX last weekend and it was amazing on the huge screen.

* The first 50 ticket holders to go see Captive will receive a collector’s ticket

* As usual, Regal still has $2 candy Monday and $2 popcorn Tuesday


Regal Crown Club

* If you download the Regal app to your phone, September’s coupon (which can be used on multiple visits) is $1 off a hot dog. I’m not sure if this is just regular hot dogs or also the footlongs and the corn dog minis.

Regal IMAX Offer

Regal Crown Club

Regal Crown Club just sent out an offer I’ll take advantage of.

Enjoy the Triple Crown IMAX® Offer for a limited time. See 2 different qualifying IMAX® movies from 8/28/15 through 11/30/15 and get $10 off your next adult IMAX® movie ticket purchase. The discount will be automatically loaded to the Crown Club member’s card with qualifying purchase. The $10 offer can be redeemed at any Regal IMAX® box office. Redeem offer by 12/31/15.

Qualifying movies are:

Jurassic World

Jurassic World

The Transporter Refueled



The Walk

Crimson Peak

The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Part 2


Since I was planning on heading down to the Simpsonville IMAX (a little over an hour away) to go see Jurassic World and was already planning on doing the same for Everest, I have my two qualifiers already.

By the way, if Everest at all interests you, you should definitely read Jon Krakauer’s Into Thin Air. Not only does it intimately cover the terrible true events befalling that expedition but Krakauer was actually there at the time (and is depicted by Michael Kelly (Stamper in House of Cards) in the movie).


IMAX 3D @ Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga, TN

When are we going to get an IMAX theater in Asheville?

Imax Chattanooga

While waiting for that, I went to the IMAX theater in Chattanooga. It is a real IMAX theater, unlike the Knoxville one. The Knoxville one is just a big screen, basically a RPX, which is odd because that theater also has a RPX. Curse you IMAX for pimping out your name.

Walking into the theater, you get the wonderful sense of scale that a true IMAX theater invokes.

Imax Chattanooga


Their concession stand features the usual movie fare: assorted drinks (fountain and bottled), popcorn, pretzels, candy. The catch is that they are at very reasonable prices ($3-4 for drinks instead of $5-6). Unfortunately we went for the first showing and their concessionaire was not there.

We saw two movies. The first, Humpback Whales, was a nice enough documentary. It appears to have been chosen solely because the theater is an adjunct of the Tennessee Aquarium (located within walking distance). The oversized screen was nice but the 3D was exceptionally minimal, as if this film had never been intended as 3D. There was hardly any depth of field.

The second film was Island of Lemurs. The filmmakers definitely understood both IMAX and 3D. The depth of field was amazing. The film was fascinating but the visuals were simply wonderful. Island of Lemurs is an ideal presentation for IMAX.

Imax Chattanooga

Plus, how can I not love a theater that posts a Shakespeare quote on your way out, even if it is a forced exit through the gift shop.

Regal Simpsonville Stadium 14 and IMAX

I took my wife to the only Baskin-Robbins within a hundred miles of our house. It was her birthday and, as a child, she always used to get a Mudpie from them. Since we were out of town anyway, we stopped by their local theater which happened to be IMAX!



They had the usual assortment of lobby standees.

Train Your Dragon


I loved this sign on the way in to Godzilla. It made me laugh. At least personnel should be able to get inside earlier to clean.




I asked how long they had been open and they said four years. I was curious because their bathrooms were spotless and gleaming. The IMAX theater had a very nice screen and sound system but it would be hard to justify it as a regular expense as a matinee ticket was $17.50.

They have a handful of arcade machines shoehorned into a small alcove (I almost didn’t spot it). The usual assortment of Regal snacks were available. I tried the pretzel bites with cheese (the cheese was fine but the bites were microwaved with predictable results). They had some funnel cake fries that I missed out on trying.

I can see this theater being described as a hidden gem as it is located in the middle of nowhere. It looks like they purchased a large plot of land, mowed it under, and plopped down a huge movie complex. There is a shopping center down the road but nothing in the immediate vicinity. There was almost no signage visible along the way either.

Frozen Knoxville Pinnacle Stadium 18 Catching Fire

Along with apparently everyone else, I got to see Catching Fire and Frozen over the holiday weekend. We were visiting Knoxville and went to the Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18 Imax & RPX.

Frozen Marc

The last time we came we saw Raiders of the Lost Ark at the Imax. The movie was great but their Imax cinema is unimpressive. It is one of those baby Imax theaters. The screen is large but not as large as at a real Imax theater. Remembering this we saw Catching Fire in one of the normal cinemas.

Pinnacle Lobby

This Regal made a number of improvements since the last time. As with my beloved Carolina Cinemas, the soda fountains are out with the customers. This is such an easy and marked improvement. Soda costs almost nothing – it is still true that most of the cost of the soda is in the cup. Cups were a little oddly sized as the lids were one size fits all (except kiddy). The Regal 56 oz. bucket of soda that I could barely carry one-handed was gone as there is no need to ‘stock up’ on soda when you can slip out for a quick refill.

Wife Selfie


They also had a frozen yogurt dispenser which was fascinating. At the condiment cube, they had both popcorn ‘butter’ and salt so you can season your popcorn to your heart’s content. The bathrooms had not only the Excel jet dryers but also the Dyson ones. The Dyson ones look cool and dry quickly but it’s much like playing a game of Operation, trying not to touch the germ-ridden sides.

Lego Marc


The lobby was nice and spacious with plenty of room for displays and arcade games (and lines should circumstance require).

McKay’s Books & Raiders of the Lost Ark IMAX

Yay! We (my long-suffering wife and I) went to one of our favorite mini-vacation spots, McKay’s Bookstore in Knoxville, TN. McKay’s has three wonderful warehouse-sized used bookstores – one each in Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Nashville. The Knoxville and Chattanooga ones are wonderful. I’ve not been to the Nashville one but it claims to be the largest on the planet.

I would love to know the whole sordid history behind McKay’s Books. There are three McKay’s Bookstores in Tennessee. In North Carolina, there is a chain of Edward McKay stores with the same basic concept executed on a much smaller scale. Asheville has a Mr. K’s bookstore which is a sad, anemic knockoff. Virginia has a Richard McKay store in Manassas.

(That’s me in front of the three horror DVD sections)

The Knoxville McKay’s has an upper floor devoted to music (CDs and Vinyl). They have a huge used DVD selection (so much so that just Horror DVDs covers 3 three-foot sections from floor-to-ceiling) and video games galore. The only complaint I have, besides being too far away, is that there is not enough seating. I can’t complain too much about that though because even with a huge warehouse, there isn’t much wasted space.

Unfortunately the amount of credit they offered me this visit was much lower than normal. I’m not sure what happened but it marred an otherwise nice trip.

Yay! To celebrate the release of restored versions of the Indiana Jones movies on Blu-Ray, there is a one week release of Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX. Yes, the tickets are ridiculously expensive but when is the next chance to see Indiana Jones on the big screen? Besides which I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to attend the AMC Indiana Jones marathon in Charlotte on the 15th as that is closing night for Richard II by the Montford Park Players.

* Just got back and I loved seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen. On the other hand, I do have a bit of a quibble with what they are calling ‘IMAX” these days. The Pinnacle Theater in Knoxville, TN’s IMAX is just a smidge larger than our RPX theater at Biltmore Grande.

I had not been in an IMAX theater in maybe a decade but wow have they shrunk. This was not huge at all but merely big or large. The sound system was quite nice and all of the employees were wonderful. When was the last time you got thanked for coming to a movie while you were exiting?

Where does their corporate office get off thinking that it is okay to charge $17 a ticket (a $7 surcharge on their adult price) for a slightly larger screen? We went to the 11 a.m. showing on a Saturday and there were only a half-dozen or so other patrons. Anyway rant mode off.


Max Out the Imax

Instant Netflix has quite a few Imax films available. They are short, ranging from half an hour up to a little over an hour. All the ones I have seen are quite beautiful and most are narrated by a big name actor with a distinctive voice (Leonard Nimoy, Ed Harris, Helen Mirren, etc.). None of them seem to go into much depth but they are an entertaining diversion and generally fit for the whole family.

Arabia (2010) – Not rated

“Helen Mirren narrates this sweeping exploration of Arabian culture and history that’s driven by stunning IMAX cinematography. Standing at the center is a young film student who returns from studying abroad to shoot a movie about his homeland.”

Dolphins (2000) – Not rated

“Pierce Brosnan narrates, and Sting provides the music for this IMAX documentary that steps into the world of wild (and highly intelligent) dolphins.”

Everest (1998) – Not rated

“Noted climber David Breashears leads an IMAX crew to the top of the Mount Everest, providing the first 360-degree view from Earth’s highest peak.”

Beavers (1998) – Not rated

“The natural woodland engineers of the great northwest are studied in fascinating detail in this film festival favorite, originally in IMAX theaters.”

Titanica (1995) – Not rated

“Titanica follows a 1992 expedition to the wreck of the Titanic, the “unsinkable” luxury liner that collided with an iceberg and sank in 1912.”

Amazon (1997) – Not rated

“Actress Linda Hunt narrates this enthralling IMAX presentation showcasing the vitality and magical wonder of the Amazonian rain forest.”

Legends of Flight (2010) – Not rated

“Learn about, and ride along with, two “game changing” designs in the world of aviation: the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A380.”

The Living Sea (1995) – Not rated

“This Oscar-nominated documentary explores the world’s oceans, celebrating the vast variety of life and activity found in their exotic depths.”

Journey Into Amazing Caves (2001) – Not rated

“This IMAX film accompanies two cave explorers on some unusual adventures, from ice caves in Greenland to underwater caves in the jungles of Mexico.”

Dinosaurs: Giants of Patagonia (2007) – Not rated

“Donald Sutherland narrates this larger-than-life IMAX production that explores the history, evolution and extinction of the dinosaurs.”

The Magic of Flight (1996) – Not rated

“Tom Selleck narrates this documentary that deftly navigates the history of aviation from the Wright brothers to the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels.”

Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (2003) – Not rated

“Travel 12,000 feet below the ocean’s surface into an exciting and rarely explored area of hydrothermal volcanoes in this scientific journey.”