Netflix Bond, Lack of Bond

Alright Netflix – Hulu skunked you on the James Bond series but maybe you can redeem yourself with some good movies featuring the stars of Bond.

Sean Connery will always be my Bond. I first saw him as a wee tyke in Diamonds are Forever, one of my first movie memories. Growing up I loved catching the expurgated versions on network television. When VCRs came around, you can imagine how ecstatic I was.

The Longest Day

Connery has never been the most prolific of actors but he has 93 imdb credits to his name, including such gems as The Man who Would be King, The Rock, Marnie, The Hill, The Molly Maguires, and my favorite Robin and Marian. Netflix has exactly three Connery titles: The Longest Day (pre-Bond), Playing by Heart, and the animated feature Guardian of the Highlands. Poor showing Netflix.

The Wild Geese

Ignoring the abortive Lazenby attempt, Roger Moore took over the mantle with Live and Let Die. Moore too has 93 imdb credits but not nearly as many gems. Netflix has but a single Moore title. Thankfully it is probably his best non-Bond effort: the mercenary saga, The Wild Geese with Richard Burton and Richard Harris.

Hot Fuzz

After Moore retired the 00 designation, Timothy Dalton attempted to bring back Bond’s edge. He has 67 imdb credits, including the delightful Penny Dreadful series. Netflix has Hot Fuzz (hysterically funny) and Disney’s Secret of the Wings.

Not well played at all, Netflix. Just counting Hulu’s Bond movies, they beat you on these three actors.

New Netflix Streaming Releases for the Week of 4/21/15

Hot Fuzz is a hilarious send-up of cop movies if you haven’t seen it.

Action & Adventure: Noah

Hot Fuzz

Comedy: Chris D’Elia: Incorrigible, They Came Together, Hot Fuzz

Fed Up

Documentary: Fed Up, Keep On Keepin’ On

Drama: Skating to New York

Family: Chasing Ghosts

Foreign: Bhoothnath Returns, No Tears for the Dead, Living is Easy with Eyes Closed

Horror: Altar, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Television: Star-Crossed, Bonjour Les Amis, and new episodes of Baby Daddy

The Key Man

Thriller: The Key Man

Why I Support Special Events & Edgar Wright Marathon

Regal Theater

I love special events, particularly movie events. I go to as many as feasible not just because I enjoy them but, if such events are not supported, they wither and die. I have attended a lot of Regal’s marathons in the past. Sadly they don’t do very well in Asheville. Part of the blame has to fall on the Biltmore Grande theater as they do very little, if any, advertising for them. The only reason I know about them is that I follow Regal news as part of my blog.

Die Hard Marathon

I have had a blast at the Dark Knight marathon, the Die Hard marathon (in spite of the last film), and the Iron Man marathon. The most grueling was of course the Lord of the Rings EXTENDED edition trilogy the week before The Hobbit opened. They knew you would need the week to recover before venturing back into the theater again.

Hot Dog Flight

It also allows me to justify my bucket of soda (seriously, any larger and I would have to have an employee carry it to my chair – I’m already on my third hernia) and flight of hot dogs.

Edgar Wright MarathonRegal is doing another wonderful marathon that doesn’t even require missing a day of work. On Thursday, August 22nd, they are showing all three of Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy for $20. Regal members get the usual cheap combo coupon ($5 for medium popcorn and soda). Make sure to upgrade your soda to a large so you can get FREE refills. Tickets go on sale August 9th.

5:30 Shaun of the Dead

7:30 Hot Fuzz

10:00 The World’s End

Sadly, with the sparse attendance of Asheville events, this marathon will not be playing in my area. The nearest location for me is Knoxville – over two hours away. Much as I love going to Knoxville to visit the incredible Mckay’s used book (and CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, comic, game and videogame) store and eat at Brazeiros Brazilian steakhouse (very expensive but oh so nice), I would hate driving over the mountains for two hours after midnight.