Devil’s Pass & Homefront

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Devil's Pass


Devil’s Pass (2013) – Rated R

Five students retrace the steps of a group of hikers who famously perished in Russia’s Ural Mountains more than five decades prior.”

There are elements of the found footage subgenre here. Thankfully they are not pounded into the ground. Devil’s Pass is a passable waste of an hour and a half. The plot is a cross between a horror movie and a Twilight Zone episode. Cinematography in the mountains is quite good for a cheap movie.

Unfortunately, the elements don’t gel well and far too long is spent on the set up. The film wraps up quite quickly at the end and is a passable waste of time but there was a better film in here.



Homefront (2013) – Rated R

When an ex-DEA agent is widowed, he moves with his young daughter to a small town, but his quiet life is shattered by a meth-making drug trafficker.”

While Homefront isn’t a top-notch action movie, it is much better than most of Statham’s recent outings. If you like Statham then this is an easy recommendation. Statham is given some room to breathe here and actually acts. The fight scenes are brutal, efficient, and fun to watch.

The American flag on the cover art is as shameless as the endangering of Phil Broker’s (Statham) daughter, Maddy but if you can ignore the cloying sentimentality, Homefront is an enjoyable ride. If only Statham could get some A-list action films…



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