Let’s All Go to the Lobby!

I have a tiny house. Our living room doubles as my movie room. The kids have grown up and moved out (for now) and we don’t really throw parties (except the occasional barbecue) so it isn’t too much of a problem.


Unfortunately I have way too many posters and tchotchkes. Still that didn’t stop us from picking these up at a local flea market.

Hot Dog!


When I saw these, all I could hear in my head was the ‘Let’s All Go to the Lobby’ song.


We haven’t hung them yet. There is no wall space left but my dear wife is going to attach these to the curtain behind the television.

Epic Cinema Tables at Epic Theatres of course!

On my last movie day, I spent the whole day at my local Epic Theatre. I got a nice jumbo hard plastic Ant-Man cup to add to my already overburgeoning collection and my waistline thanks them for having unsweet tea. I don’t care for water and hate diet cola.

Pirates Table


Normally they, like most theaters, have too much lobby space. Normally I like to peruse the neat displays for upcoming movies (my favorite was Regal’s whack-a-mole featuring the Minions for Despicable Me 2), but this time I was really impressed with the new tables they got.

Hunger Games Table


The tables and chairs seemed very sturdy and the table easy to clean off. The table was a little lower than I would like but now I think I need one in my movie room.

Toy Story 3


They had four styles but I imagine these would be quickly customizable to any movie poster. Now should I get Alien or The Thing or something from classic Hollywood?


Turning your home viewing into Home Theater

I go to the movies as often as I am able…well as often as I am able to score FREE or discount tickets. Obviously, I still watch plenty of movies at home in the evenings. As such, I try to make the environment as theater-like as possible.

My wife and I share a tiny little cottage so I don’t have one of those wonderful dedicated home theaters that I see so much of on the internet. Still my wife has allowed me to turn the living room into a movie room. many of my friends and particularly my family have contributed to the wall hangings and movie-related tchotchkes lying around.

We have a dual recliner sofa with cupholders and center cubby for remotes. Sadly the cats have ripped the bottom comfy bits out of it and shredded a fair amount of the leather so it is probably next on the list of replacements. I have a nice 55″ plasma television that we sit pretty close to and a soundbar. I cannot recommend a soundbar enough if you are still using television speakers. Mine was relatively inexpensive and the sound is so much better than a television speaker.

Popcorn machine

Our next best investment was an actual popcorn machine from Paramount. I love the smell of fresh-popped popcorn but I only ever seem to want a handful or two. My wife loves popcorn though. She is a saltaholic and I’m the diabeetus man. The popcorn it makes is at least as good as theater popcorn.

Wife loves popcorn

If you get a machine, absolutely get the Great Northern pre-measured packs off of Amazon. They are individual tri-packs of popcorn, coconut oil, and butter-flavored salt and they are perfectly proportioned.


Sadly what I love at the theater are Coke Icees. I looked at home machines but all they appear to have are toys, slushee machines (not the same thing), or full-bore machines that weigh hundreds of pounds and are ridiculously expensive for home use. I tried a slushee cup from Amazon but it’s a lot of trouble for very little reward.