DragonCon 2014 – Dressing Up

We spent three and a half days at DragonCon and only went to one panel (Filk and Cookies). We spent the majority of our time just watching all the wonderful Cosplayers. Here was some of our cosplay:

Cosplay 1


Our dear friend Renee was a steampunk Miss Frizzle from Magic School Bus. My youngest daughter was a stormtrooper 50s housewife. My wonder wife was 1950s housewife Darth Vader.

Cosplay 2


Here my wife is lumpy space princess (I was middle-aged Finn – there were a lot of Finns) and my very pregnant daughter was Melisandre from Game of Thrones when she was pregnant with the shadow monster.

Cosplay 3


Finally, a candid shot of my daughter as pregnant Daenerys. That was a very long day. I should be back to regular movie blogging tomorrow.

A Movie Room Birthday

My wife is celebrating my 50th birthday all month. She has alphabetized her gifts, giving me one each day. Here are the first five editions – some pictured before my beloved granddaughter shredded the boxes.



A is for Alien



C is for Cornelius

F is for Finn


F is for Finn



G is for Gru



H is for Hulk.