Roger Ebert’s Top Picks on Netflix

Life Itself

As part of an article on the Roger Ebert documentary, Life Itself, Entertainment Weekly published a list of Ebert’s top movie for each year from 1967 through 2012. Here are the seven from that list streaming on Netflix:

Five Easy Pieces (1970) – Rated R

“A promising concert pianist chucks it all to work on an oil rig but returns home to face the family he left behind when he learns his father is ill.”

Three Women (1977) – Rated PG

Co-workers Pinky and Millie find their unusual friendship turns strangely eerie when they become roommates and begin to change in unexpected ways.

An Unmarried Woman (1978) – Rated R

Jill Clayburgh received an Oscar nod for her poignant portrayal of a woman dealing with the dissolution of her marriage in this groundbreaking drama.”

Apocalypse Now (1979) – Rated R

During the Vietnam War, Capt. Willard is sent to Cambodia on a top-secret mission to terminate Col. Kurtz, who’s gone completely insane.

Sophie’s Choice (1982) – Rated R

Stingo shares a Brooklyn boarding house with Polish émigré Sophie and her mercurial lover, a union unsettled by violent behavior.”

Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams (1994) – Rated PG-13

Two of Chicago’s top high school basketball prospects face pressure on and off the court in this iconic documentary about sports, family and race.


Fargo (1996) – Rated R

When a car dealer conspires with dim-bulb criminals to kidnap his wife for a hefty ransom, a folksy — and pregnant — police chief is on the case.”


Alamo Drafthouse

I love the Alamo Drafthouse. I have never been but how can you not love a theater that takes movies this seriously. My sister-in-law currently resides in Austin and regularly attends. My youngest daughter has been there and the other week my wife went out to visit and caught Captain Phillips.

Alamo Drafthouse


She brought me home the monthly in-house magazine, Birth. Movies. Death.

Birth. Movies. Death.


Apparently November is Tough Ladies Month. Girlie Night will feature Nine to Five. Aliens will be shown in a 70mm print. They will have a Pulp Fiction quote-along (with a Jackrabbit Slim’s dance off). They will also feature Bonnie and Clyde, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Gilda, Fargo, The Lady Eve, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and To Kill a Mockingbird. All this in addition to showing first-run movies.

They also have Afternoon Tea! – “Your ticket to the screening includes a delicious plate of British sweets and savories plus three courses of premium organic tea provided by Austin’s own Zhi Tea!”. This month’s Tea feature is Elizabeth.

They have so many special features that if I lived in Austin, I would just arrange for my check to be direct deposited into their account. On the other hand it’s hard to hold a job if you never leave the theater. Oh except working at the theater. I wonder if Alamo is hiring?