March’s New Streaming Netflix Titles

In like a lion? I’ll let you decide.

Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels

Action/Adventure: Hot Boyz, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Number One With a Bullet, Platoon Leader, Top Gun

Anime: Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black, Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Bonds

Three Days of the Condor

Classic: Taxi Driver, Three Days of the Condor, Wings

Comedy: Better Than Chocolate, Beverly Hills Cop, Billy Madison, Black Sheep (1996), Bridget Jones’ Diary, DeRay Davis: Power Play, Groundhog Day, Johnny Dangerously, Knock ‘Em Dead, Lewis Black: In God We Rust, Mean Machine, Patch Adams, The Prince & Me, Teen Witch, Ski Patrol, Two Hundred Thousand Dirty

Documentary: The Culture High, Harmontown, Levitated Mass, One Rogue Reporter, Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton, The Sixth Man

Drama: Aleksandr’s Price, And God Created Woman (1988), Donnie Brasco, Evelyn, Finding Neverland, Frankie and Johnny, Half of a Yellow Sun, Jail Caesar, Last Summer, The Madness of King George, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, The Rules of Engagement, Shirley Valentine

Faith: Mercy Rule, The Story of Ruth

Family: Across the Great Divide, And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird, Bratz: Rock Angelz, Bratz the Movie, Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot, Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey!, Furry Vengeance, House Arrest, Lalaloopsy Babies: First Steps, Monster High 13 Wishes, Monster High Ghouls Rule, Mule-Tide Christmas, Mumfie’s White Christmas, Rumpelstiltskin, The Secret of Nimh

Fantasy & Science Fiction: The Brothers Grimm, K-Pax, Parallels, Paycheck, Tank Girl

Foreign: Bullett Raja, The Days to Come, Humshakals, Jealousy, Point Blank, Singham, You Will Be Mine

Event Horizon

Horror: Event Horizon, P2, Soul Survivors, Vampire in Brooklyn

Musical: Grease 2

Television: 30 for 30: Of Miracles and Men, The Diary of Anne Frank, The Red Road, Life Hack 2: The Next Level, Ella the Elephant, Ruby Gloom

Thriller: Best Seller, Bitter Moon, City of Ghosts, Dream Lover, Naked After Midnight, Switchback, Twilight (1998)

Happy Halloween! Watch These on Netflix

Okay, you parents are probably out tonight trick-or-treating with your young’uns. I know I will be taking my adorable granddaughter Dorothy out and about. Those without children may be attending parties, especially with it being a Friday.

Dracula Untold

For the rest of you, there are slim pickings at the theater. Since there is no new Saw movie, they are re-releasing the original for one week only. New horror movies would be Horns, Ouija, Annabelle, and Dracula Untold. Ouija and Annabelle have very bad reviews and are watered down PG-13 ratings anyway. Dracula Untold wasn’t good but was at least passably entertaining.

Netflix only has two Halloween films and they are definitely bottom of the barrel. Halloween Resurrection was based on the thought of hey, why go out on a high note with a definite ending like Halloween H20? Why not pit kung fu fighting Busta Rhymes against Michael Myers? At least the other one (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers) gave Paul Rudd his start in films.

You're Next

Still Netflix has plenty of wonderful horror films you might have missed. Try Cabin in the Woods, You’re Next, Evil Dead 2, World War Z, American Mary, Event Horizon, and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and I doubt you will be disappointed.

Terror in Space – Event Horizon

Event Horizon is currently available on instant Netflix.

One line review: Hooey but pretty, entertaining hooey with a good cast.

Event HorizonEvent Horizon (1997) – Rated R

Seven years after it went missing, a spaceship sends a garbled signal back to Earth that sounds a lot like a cry for help. A rescue ship is dispatched to investigate, but the crew soon realizes that something unimaginable has happened on board.”

I thought it said “liberate me” – “save me.” But it’s not “me.” It’s “liberate tutame” – “save yourself.” And it gets worse.”

Oh, to be forced to sing the praises of Paul W.S. Anderson. I have never seen his directorial debut, Shopping, but his sophomore effort, Mortal Kombat is big, pretty, loud dumb fun. Event Horizon is big, pretty, loud dumb fun. Soldier is big, pretty, loud dumb fun. Ditto Resident Evil. Ditto Alien vs. Predator. Never mind that the last two were very much missed opportunities.

His more recent efforts of Death Race, Resident Evil: Afterlife, and Resident Evil: Retribution have been increasingly dumb and decreasingly fun. I have not seen his version of The Three Musketeers and I do not hold much hope for the upcoming Pompeii, in spite of a decent cast. I have no doubt that there will be another Resident Evil with his wife, Milla Jovovich.

Event Horizon is very pretty and stylish. It has been called a cross between Alien and Hellraiser and it does shamelessly rip off ideas from both, though admittedly most modern space horror rips off Alien.

Event Horizon is fun in a check your brain at the door kind of way. The science is predictably and laughably bad. The ship is going to pull 30 g’s so everyone has to be in tubes yet they fail to secure a lot of the ship. The Event Horizon and in particular the ‘meatgrinder’ and gravity drive look pretty cool, although I’m not sure what purpose the large spikes in the engine room serve or the massive number of lights in the service corridor.

There is a good cast assembled. Laurence Fishburne is the star as Captain Miller. Sam Neill plays the enigmatic scientist Dr. Weir. The distaff side of the crew are played well by Joely Richardson (Nip/Tuck) and Kathleen Quinlan (Apollo 13). Other crewmembers include Sean Pertwee (Dog Soldiers), Richard T. Jones (Collateral), Jack Noseworthy (U-571), and Jason Isaacs (The Patriot).

While the science is, to put it charitably, dodgy, the first half is quite good. Event Horizon starts off as science fiction and gradually segues into horror. The science fiction aspects are silly but tense. Unfortunately the horror aspects pile on incredulity after incredulity so some may enjoy the first half, some more the first three quarters, etc. Eventually most people will reach the point of hooey but I find Event Horizon pretty entertaining.

People Watch: Noah Huntley who, unrecognizably, plays the Burning Man has gone on to play Mark in 28 Days Later and King Magnus in Snow White and the Huntsman.