EW’s Criminally Underrated on Netflix

Entertainment Weekly’s current issue has several articles on criminally underrated television shows and movies. I thought that I’d highlight the ones you can watch on Netflix streaming.

Television: The Returned (The French series that spawned Resurrected), Peep Show, Harper’s Island (a slasher series where one or more cast members die each episode), The 30 for 30 series (picked by Bill Lawrence), Call the Midwife, Rectify

Movies: Flanders (picked by John Waters), Bandits, and two that would be on my personal list:

The Host

The Host (2006 – not last year’s abomination) – Rated R

A mutant creature has developed from toxic chemical dumping. When the monster scoops up the granddaughter of a snack-bar owner, he races to save her.”

Dead Snow

Dead Snow (2009) – Not rated

A group of friends gets the scariest history lesson of their lives during a weekend getaway, where the party is interrupted by Nazi zombies.

Look for the sequel, Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead, later this year.

Spoilers – Entertainment Weekly and Kevin Smith

“A bad day at the movies is still better than a good day exercising.”

I normally never post spoilers. I am basically the anti-Entertainment Weekly. For those who don’t know, EW regularly spoils shows and movies just after they’ve aired. Recently they spoiled a major plot point from the third season of American Horror Story on the cover of their magazine BEFORE the episode even aired.

I have learned to skim or avoid any article about things I like. That said, a spoiler I do like is Kevin Smith’s movie series, Spoilers.



Spoilers with Kevin Smith (2014) Рnot rated but foul language is used.

Watch “Spoilers”, Kevin Smith’s movie “revue.” Spoilers is a multi-act film extravaganza mixing lively group chats, interviews with movie and pop¬†culture icons, animated shorts and cinematic reenactments. Each week, Kevin, a special guest and movie lovers passionately sound off on the year’s most anticipated summer blockbusters, breaking down their favorite scenes and what should have been left on the cutting room floor.

After a year and a half hiatus, Kevin Smith’s Spoilers has returned. The first seven episodes of the second season are now available on Hulu. I enjoyed the first season more but the second season is still worth watching.

As the title implies/states, the movies covered are often spoiled so viewer beware.

Breaking Bad


* I finally got to finish watching Breaking Bad with only one character arc having been spoiled for me (by Entertainment Weekly naturally). Of course I won’t spoil anything for you but I will say that the ending was leagues more satisfying than the rather poor wrap-up to Dexter.