Regal Classic Film Series Does It Again! Scarface & GWTW!



I love Regal’s Classic Film Series. Hardly anyone attends at my theater so there are often only a half dozen or so patrons. While I missed all of the last set, the set before last I caught Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Godfather, and The Godfather II. Shows are at 2 p.m. on Sunday and 2 and 7 p.m. on Wednesday. Here is the latest set:


9/7 & 9/10: Scarface (1983)

9/14 & 9/17: The Nutty Professor (1963)

Dr. Strangelove

9/21 & 9/24: Dr. Strangelove (1964)

Gone with the Wind

9/28 & 10/1: Gone with the Wind (1939) – They have not said times will be different for this one but it is four hours long.

10/5 & 10/8: M*A*S*H* (1970)

Regal Crown Club members who attend 3 films will get an extra 50 credits, all six will net you a 100 extra credits. Participating Regal Cinemas can be found here. I sure hope they do some horror movies for October. AARP members 50 and up get a senior discount on these tickets.

New Netflix Streaming Releases for the Week of 3/4/14

Yay! Another new month, another slew of catalog titles on Netflix

Action/Adventure: Blood and Bone, Bobby Z, Desperado, Flyboys, Game of Death, Heaven’s Burning, The Hit List, Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore, Last Action Hero, Men in Black II, Over the Top, S.W.A.T. Firefight, Silverado, Spider-Man, Vertical Limit

Dr. Strangelove

Classic: Das Boot: The Director’s Cut, Dr. Strangelove, Easy Rider, The Long Goodbye, The Long Hot Summer, Midnight Express, Roman Holiday, Serpico, The Silence of the Lambs, Taxi Driver, Thieves Like Us, True Grit (1969)

Comedy: All Wifed Out, As Good as It Gets, The Bad News Bears, Can’t Hardly Wait, The Chaperone, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, It Could Happen to You, Just One of the Guys, Kicking and Screaming, Look Who’s Talking, Look Who’s Talking Too, Mistress, My Boss’s Daughter, Not Another Teen Movie, O.C. and Stiggs, On the Line, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Seems Like Old Times, Shriek if You Know What I Did Friday the 13th, Something’s Gotta Give, The Station Agent, The Sweetest Thing, Two Can Play That Game, While You Were Sleeping, The Wood

Documentary: Inequality for All, 1:1 Thierry Henry, Dogtown and Z-Boys, Into the Mind, Linsanity, Pandora’s Promise

Drama: 28 Days, About Last Night (1985), All the Pretty Horses, Big Sur, Brokedown Palace, Bugsy, Capote, Center Stage, Deal, The Delinquents, Dirty Dancing, Donnie Brasco, Fireproof, The Fisher King, Girl Interrupted, Harsh Times, The Ice Storm, Legendary, Les Miserables (1998), Rachel Getting Married, Return to the Blue Lagoon, Riding in Cars with Boys, The Shunning, A Slipping Down Life, Steel Magnolias, Streamers, The United States of Leland, Valkyrie, Vincent & Theo, You Got Served: Beat the World

Family: Adventures in Zambezia, Arthur and the Invisibles, The Baby Sitters Club, Beethoven’s 2nd, The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation, King Pingu, Open Season 2, Open Season 3, Pingu Slipping and Sliding, Star Kid, Stuart Little, The Swan Princess, The Swan Princess Christmas, The Swan Princess 2: Secret of the Castle

Fantasy & Science Fiction: The Final Cut, Ghostbusters 2, Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, Starship Troopers Invasion

Foreign: Blood: The Last Vampire, El Mariachi, Schlussmacher, With a Friend Like Harry


Horror: Below, The Blair Witch Project, The Caller, Fright Night (1985), House of the Dead II: All Guts No Glory, Night of the Living Dead (1968), Night of the Living Dead (1990), A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Quarantine 2: Terminal, Summer’s Moon, Urban Legends: Final Cut, Zombies of Mass Destruction

Special: Fireplace for Your Home:Cascade Mountain Spring

Television: Pokemon Black & White, Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Indigo League, Rake (2010-12) and a new season of Sabrina the Animated Series

Devil in a Blue Dress

Thriller: Devil in a Blue Dress, Dirty Pretty Things, Edison Force, The Experiment, The Glass House, The Hard Word, The Mothman Prophecies, Panic Room, Vanilla Sky, Wild Things


Dr. Strangelove – Weapons of Mass Destruction week

This is WMD – Weapons of Mass Destruction week. Dr. Strangelove, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb is currently available on instant Netflix.WARNING: Watch this soon as on March 1st this movie will no longer be available on instant Netflix.

Dr. Strangelove

WATCH: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) – Rated PG.

“When a fanatical U.S. general (Sterling Hayden) launches an air strike against the Soviets, they raise the stakes by threatening to unleash a “doomsday device,” setting the stage for Armageddon in this classic black comedy that brilliantly skewers the nuclear age. The films star-studded cast includes George C. Scott, Slim Pickens, James Earl Jones and Peter Sellers (who steals the show and copped an Oscar nod playing three roles).”

“Peace is our profession” – Strategic Air Command motto seen pretty much everywhere in the film.

“Gentlemen, you cant fight in here! This is the War Room.”

“Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face.”

Stanley Kubrick did an absolutely phenomenal job of directing Dr. Strangelove. He received the first three of his many Oscar nominations for this movie. He was nominated for Best Film (producer), Best Director, and Best Writing (adapted screenplay).

Reportedly author Peter George was not happy with the adaptation of his book, Red Alert, by Kubrick and Terry Southern. The book presents a serious scenario similar in tone and theme to Fail-Safe (a movie I will discuss later this week).

Kubrick adapted this into an absolutely brilliant satire of the nuclear arms race and cold war politics. With the exception of the titular character, every one else plays the film straight (in spite of the ridiculous names given to much of the cast).

There are a ton of fun touches in the film. There is a nice scene with Major Kong (Slim Pickens) in an airplane poring over what appears to be a map. The camera pulls out and it is revealed to be an issue of Playboy. Tracy Reed (Miss Scott in the film) is Miss Foreign Affairs in the issue.

General Turgidson has a folder marked “World Targets in Megadeaths”. A firefight at the base takes place near a “Keep Off the Grass” sign.

Peter Sellers was nominated for a Best Actor in Dr. Strangelove. He plays Dr. Strangelove, Group Captain Lionel Mandrake, and President Muffley. He was supposed to play Major Kong as well but broke his ankle and was replaced in that role by Slim Pickens. He was paid a million dollars – over half the budget of the film – for his performances.

All of his roles in this film are great. He has a fun and comedic time with Dr. Strangelove, a former Nazi scientist now working with the U.S. His President Muffley is a model of reason amid the chaos of the War Room. However I most enjoyed his stiff upper lip presentation of Captain Mandrake.

A slightly over the top performance from George C. Scott as General Turgidson is a sight to behold. This is only second to his performance as Patton. Make sure to pay attention to his gum fixation. The fall he takes later in the film was a real accident that Kubrick decided to leave in.

Slim Pickens is a hoot as Major Kong and his final scene is an iconic shot from this film. Veteran actor Sterling Hayden (Captain McCluskey in The Godfather) came out of semi-retirement for this film. He had previously worked for Kubrick in The Killing (1956). James Earl Jones appears here in his first film but does not have much to do.

The music choices are inspired. Whenever Major Kong and the bomb crew are on, “Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye” is playing in the background. This was later adapted and is perhaps more popularly known as “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”.¬† The end montage has “We ll Meet Again” by Vera Lynn played over it.

This is an absolutely incredible and iconic film and if you have not seen it then you definitely should. Do not be put off by the Black and White photography or the silly character names, this is a movie deserving of the title “classic”.

WATCH this classic movie soon before it expires on March 1st.

People Watch: Look for Keenan Wynn as Colonel Guano.