Double Indemnity – Two Days, Two Times, Twice the Indemnity!

I am very much enjoying the FREE film noir course offered online by Canvas and TCM. I don’t have cable so I am missing out on TCM’s Summer of Darkness every Friday but I have access to many of the Noir films through Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix streaming (plus my beloved mother-in-law bought me a set for my birthday).

Double Indemnity


I will however shell out the bucks to catch the classic Double Indemnity on the big screen. TCM is bringing it back through Fathom Events on Sunday, July 19th and Monday, July 20th (their normal Wednesday shows had a conflict with another Fathom program). Showtimes are at 2 and 7 p.m. local time.

Double Indemnity


In my area this will be playing at Carolina Cinemas in Asheville and the Regal Hollywood 20 in Greenville.

Classics on the Big Screen – Jaws, Dracula, Double Indemnity

Apparently TCM’s big screen re-release of Gone with the Wind was a big success. I love seeing classic movies on the big screen. Turner Classic Movies is bringing a slew of classic movies to local theaters at the rate of one a month. Tickets and locations are available through Fathom Events.



With Jurassic World currently dominating the screen, it seems fitting that the first one brought back is the original Jaws. All of the films will be shown at 2 and 7 p.m. on Sundays and Wednesdays. Jaws will be shown on 6/21 and 6/24. Ticket price is a bit steep at $15 but don’t blame your theater. That is just Fathom’s low-end pricing (if you’ve been to one of their operas, you know what I mean). I am looking forward to finally seeing this on the big screen.

Double Indemnity

7/19 & 7/22 – Double Indemnity (presumably chosen as representative of the channel’s Summer of Darkness and their wonderful FREE online course on Film Noir.

8/16 & 8/19 – Grease

9/20 & 9/23 – Psycho (Hitchcock)


10/25 & 10/28 – Dracula double feature (1931) – The Lugosi version AND the Spanish version that was filmed on the same sets

11/29 & 12/2 – Roman Holiday

12/20 & 12/23 – Miracle on 34th Street