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Dead Man Down


Dead Man Down (2013) – Rated R

This taut crime thriller stars Colin Farrell as a brutal gang enforcer who falls for a woman bent on exacting revenge on his boss. Via seduction and blackmail, the woman persuades the gangster to help her achieve a bloody payback.

I wanted to like this movie. I really, really did. Back in spring, when it came out, Carolina Cinemas served a Dead Man Down cocktail for a few weeks. Frozen Peach Nehi, white wine, and fresh fruit garnish – all served in a Dead Man Down cocktail glass. They were tasty and I have four of the martini glasses in my house, mostly used when my wife and I split a frozen Smirnoff cherry limeade. Still I ended up missing the film in theaters.

Dead Man Down is, like the drink I had, very very pretentious. It tries hard and puts ‘important’ pregnant pauses in the dialogue and significant glances to let you know important connections are happening. Unfortunately it doesn’t gel at all well. My wife gave up about halfway in.

Another problem is that Noomi Rapace’s character, Beatrice, is consistently referred to as ‘monster’. This is because of how she looks after her car accident. The neighborhood kids constantly taunt her with it and the word is etched into her door. The problem with this is that it’s not at all realistic. Beatrice has some significant facial scarring but it’s just a few thin scars on her face that don’t really mar her attractiveness. It reminds me of the recent Beauty and the Beast adaptation where the only thing ‘beastly’ was that the character had tattoos.

Dead Man Down isn’t awful – it just isn’t a taut crime thriller, it is more a romance with thriller overtones.

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Parker is a Dead Man Down in Oz

The Easter holiday was very good to me – swag-wise. Unfortunately you are stuck with my terrible photos as my loving wife is hard at work elsewhere.

Oz packageI won an Oz the Great and Powerful prize package from a Facebook trivia contest that Carolina Cinemas did. It includes a large Oz movie poster, an extra large Oz T-shirt (good thing as I’m extra large), a very nice Oz totebag, and an Oz notebook with a nice lenticular cover.

ParkerBefore I could go in to pick it up, Carolina Cinemas sent out a text message to subscribers (subscribing nets you a FREE promotional popcorn and you can subscribe at any time). While supplies lasted, when you showed the text while purchasing a ticket, you got a FREE spring cleaning goodie bag.

We went to see Stoker and my googie bag had an extra large Parker T-Shirt, an Oogie Loves glow wand, a Carolina Cinemas balloon, a pair of Croods 3D glasses, and a Dead Man Down martini glass

Dead Man DownJenny’s goodie bag was the same as mine except that it had an extra large Dead Man Down shirt instead of a Parker shirt.

Soooo I got two more martini glasses (for a total of four) and three more T-shirts (even though my T-shirt drawer is out of room) and all those other goodies. Pretty sweet.

Dead Man Down Yummy!

As if I didn’t love my Carolina Cinemas enough:

“In celebration of DEAD MAN DOWN {from the director of the original “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, Niels Arden Oplev} opening March 8th… Enjoy a WINE COCKTAIL at concessions: Peach Nehi Icee + Montevina White Zinfandel + Strawberries, in a collector’s glass rimmed with sugar! Try one today!”