Epic Theatres’ New Classic Movies on the Big Screen Program

Epic Theatres

Epic Theatres is running a nice lineup of classic movies. Unlike the once a month TCM showings through Fandango, Epic is showing their shows every week and at regular ticket price. As is typical with these classic movies, the advertising is not what it could be so catch them when and where you can or they will stop running.

Epic classic showtimes are 2 and 7 on Sunday and Wednesday (much like their TCM counterparts).


10/25 & 10/28 – Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho

11/01 & 11/04 – Back to the Future (for those who missed the triple feature)

Princess Bride

11/08 & 11/11 – The Princess Bride (my wife’s absolute favorite movie of all time)

11/15 & 11/18 – The Wizard of Oz

11/22 & 11/25 – Spaceballs

11/29 & 12/2 – A Christmas Story


Regal Classic Film Series

Regal Cinemas


Kudos to Regal for bringing back their classic cinema series. Last fall they screened six classic movies. The only problem was that they were all R-rated though perhaps they identified the audience for this as skewing older. This go round the focus is on comedies.

Their classic movies are shown Sundays at 2 and Wednesdays at 2 and 7. Participating theaters are listed here.

I was sick last week so I missed posting this. It’s not too late to catch The Princess Bride on Wednesday the 15th at 2 and 7 though.


1/19 & 1/22 – Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

1/26 & 1/29 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

2/2 & 2/5 – Groundhog Day

Sleepless in Seattle

2/9 & 2/12 – Sleepless in Seattle