So Many Rewards Programs, So Few Rewards

I love rewards programs. Well okay, I love rewards programs that actually reward you. Companies love to change them claiming that they will serve you better when what they mean is “we just figured out that we are giving you too much”.

Coke Rewards


Best Buy completely neutered their program a few years ago. It’s still worth using IF you are going to buy at Best Buy anyway but it’s not worthwhile as a selling point. Coke Rewards was barely worthwhile to begin with and then they went and made you jump through a ton of social media hoops to get the ‘good’ stuff.


I have rewards program cards for three separate movie chains locally (Epic, Regal, and Carolina Cinemas). Cinemark, which we do not have, sent me a FREE popcorn for my birthday. None of our local ones even wished me a happy birthday. I sure hope Regal rolls out their revamped program soon, even though it does nerf some of the usual rewards. Fandango wished me a happy birthday and wanted me to pick out a movie to see but was happy to charge me full price to do so.

Disney Movie Rewards

Disney Movie Rewards I find to be very worthwhile. They give a tiny amount of FREE points out with their newsletter each month. They give you a nice bonus of FREE points on your anniversary date and for your birthday. Submitting movie ticket stubs is fairly easy on a smartphone (up to four per Disney movie). I get merchandise from them all the time. Most recently I got Funko Pop figures of Anger and Joy from Inside Out for my granddaughter (I didn’t have enough points left for Sadness).

Double Features and Marathons!

Double Features and Marathons are my two favorite kinds of movies. I’m writing this ahead of time but I’m sure that I had a blast at the Avengers Double Feature.

Pitch Perfect Double Feature


Cinemark and Celebration! are both running a Pitch Perfect double feature on Thursday 5/14. It is not unlikely that Regal and AMC will follow suit. Unfortunately there is no Mad Max marathon for Mad Max Fury Road which also starts 5/14.

Jurassic Park


I am also hopeful of a Jurassic Park marathon with the new feature. Currently the only option is May 9th, the Academy of Natural Sciences is showing the first three movies on the big screen (but not the new one) at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pa.

There are still some other possibilities this summer. I’d love (and even travel for) a Terminator marathon in front of the new feature. A Despicable Me marathon (1, 2, and Minions) would be great for my granddaughter and I. Perhaps a Magic Mike double feature to please the ladies. Oooh, how about a new and old Poltergeist? That last is exceptionally unlikely as the studios hate showing the original with the reboot (so much so that when our local cinema tried to book the original Carrie, they actually refused.). Other options include a Ted double feature and an Insidious marathon.

Sunset Drive-In


Speaking of double features, the Sunset Drive-In in Shelby, NC has opened for the season. This weekend (Friday and Saturday) they will be playing Avengers: Age of Ultron and Cinderella for only $12 a carload. I’m waiting for my granddaughter to be a little older before taking her but you should definitely go see a Drive-In movie if and when you can.

I am proud that both of my daughters have memories of the Waynesville Drive-In before it shut down a decade or so ago.

No Post Today – Well Kinda Sorta – Avengers Assemble!

No post today (other than this) as I am taking a nifty mental health day to see The Avengers double feature and enjoy a nice juicy hamburger. Ooooh and a ridiculously large Coke Icee! I love summer movie season.

Avengers Double Feature


Woohoo! This double feature is playing at select Regal, Edwards, Carolina, AMC, Epic, Cinemark, and other theaters.

Cinemark & The Expendables Marathon

I love movie marathons. I love checking out of my life, even though it’s wonderful, for a day at the cinema.

The Expendables Marathon


* Cinemark (sadly nowhere near me) is having an Expendables marathon on August 14th with the individual movies at 3:15, 5:05, and 7 respectively. They know how to do marathons right. To wit, regular hot dogs and Dibs are only $2 each during the marathon.

* Also Cinemark appears to sell a refillable drink cup and popcorn bucket that can be used on multiple trips to the theater at a $1 a refill. I think this is a fabulous idea that I would love to take advantage of at our local theaters.

* Cinemark has the $1 kids movies during the summer a la Regal but they offer the purchase of a ten pack of tickets for it at the discounted price of $5

* Cinemark has weekly coupons, Seniors day, Family day, and several other consumer friendly programs. Other cinemas could definitely learn a few things from them.

Return of the Double Feature – Jump Street and Dragon

I love double features and marathons. Sadly I won’t be able to see either of these.

Jump Street


* Regal, Cinemark, AMC, Metro, and Arclight Cinemas are offering 21 and 22 Jump Street as a double feature on 6/12/14. Regal’s price is a very reasonable $15 and starts at 5 p.m. Participating Regal theaters can be found here. Regal Crown Club members receive a coupon for a $5 medium combo (which can be upgraded).

Double Dragon

* AMC also has a How to Train Your dragon double feature the same day. The original is shown at 6 p.m. with the sequel following at 8.