Happy Halloween! Watch These on Netflix

Okay, you parents are probably out tonight trick-or-treating with your young’uns. I know I will be taking my adorable granddaughter Dorothy out and about. Those without children may be attending parties, especially with it being a Friday.

Dracula Untold

For the rest of you, there are slim pickings at the theater. Since there is no new Saw movie, they are re-releasing the original for one week only. New horror movies would be Horns, Ouija, Annabelle, and Dracula Untold. Ouija and Annabelle have very bad reviews and are watered down PG-13 ratings anyway. Dracula Untold wasn’t good but was at least passably entertaining.

Netflix only has two Halloween films and they are definitely bottom of the barrel. Halloween Resurrection was based on the thought of hey, why go out on a high note with a definite ending like Halloween H20? Why not pit kung fu fighting Busta Rhymes against Michael Myers? At least the other one (Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers) gave Paul Rudd his start in films.

You're Next

Still Netflix has plenty of wonderful horror films you might have missed. Try Cabin in the Woods, You’re Next, Evil Dead 2, World War Z, American Mary, Event Horizon, and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil and I doubt you will be disappointed.

ActionFest: day 4





Moviepalooza continued on Sunday, with free screenings of Goon, Sleepless Night, Wonder Women, and a paid showing of Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods.

All were awesome:

Goon: it’s a hockey movie. Super enjoyable banter with epic violence. The snappy dialogue really elevated this above the standard sports/romance movie. Way better than Moneyball; will the Academy notice?

Wonder Women: I needed some feminist rhetoric to help me through all the testosterone I experienced this weekend. :) Sadly the films narrative jumped a bit and made some logical leaps in support of the director’s thesis that didn’t seem to be supported by the evidence presented. Still really enjoyed it.

Sleepless Night: French action/thriller. Do I need to say anything else? Tight plotting, great visuals, clever (subtitled) dialog. Totally loved it!

Cabin in the Woods: Scared the crap out of me. Highly recommend!