R.I.P. James Garner 1928-2014

James Garner


James Garner passed away July 19th at the age of 86. While primarily known as a television actor, Garner appeared in quite a few movies, from The Scrounger in The Great Escape to Duke in The Notebook. He was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Murphy’s Romance and, while he didn’t win that, he did have his Golden Globes and Emmys for Barbarians at the Gate and The Rockford Files.

Rockford Files

Jim Rockford and Bret Maverick were his quintessential roles. He played Rockford for six season and eight made-for-TV movies. Netflix is currently streaming all six seasons as well as his movies, Move Over Darling, Twilight, Dust to Glory, and Atlantis: The Lost Empire. If you find six seasons too challenging, try Twilight, an excellent private eye movie starring Paul Newman.

Rest in peace, James Garner – you will be missed.