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Bonnie & Clyde, Hatchet III, and Wolf Creek 2 are currently available on instant Netflix

Bonnie & Clyde


Bonnie & Clyde (2013) – Rated TV-14

A convicted armed robber sweeps a small-town waitress off her feet, and the two embark on one of the most infamous bank-robbing sprees in history.

I recently revisited the 1967 classic, Bonnie and Clyde. The violence was still well done but the acting has not held up. Many of the performances came across as stiff and stilted. Also, at almost a half century old, it seemed like a good time to retell the story.

One of History Channel’s more recent endeavors, Hatfield’s & McCoys, was quite good. I love Depression era crime stories so I had high hopes for Bonnie & Clyde. Those hopes were dashed within minutes.

I’m used to historical revisionism in biographical movies. As long as it isn’t too egregious, I can still enjoy the film. Unfortunately the historical accuracy of this new Bonnie & Clyde is on a par with that of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

Clyde is a psychic. Seriously, they made him a psychic. The visions are rather Cassandra-like in that they do him no good whatsoever but nevertheless he glimpses some uncannily accurate portions of the future. They even posit that Clyde knew he was driving into a trap. Worse, that he basically set this up himself.

I would continue but honestly the history here is revoltingly bad. The only leg up this has over the 1967 film is that lip service is paid to some of Bonnie & Clyde’s historical accomplices, Henry Methvin and Ray Hamilton.

Wolf Creek 2


Wolf Creek 2 (2013) – Rated R

A couple’s dream vacation turns into a nightmare when they run into a bloodthirsty serial killer with a penchant for sadistic games.”

This seems a rather pointless review. If you liked Wolf Creek’s bleak portrait of Australia’s gorgeous landscape and its nihilistic, xenophobic, and altogether human killer, Mick Taylor (John Jarrett) then you’ll enjoy Wolf Creek 2.

The violence is quite brutal but still seems toned down a bit from the first movie. The character of Mick Taylor is front and center for the majority of the film, much more so than in Wolf Creek.

Hatchet III


Hatchet III (2013) – Rated R

Picking up where Hatchet II left off, Marybeth continues her quest to avenge her family’s death at the hands of “Bayou Butcher” Victor Crowley.

For those of you who like your slashers supernatural and played for laughs, Hatchet III will be more your speed. Obviously a killer that can survive a point blank shotgun blast to the face (with accompanying cranial destruction) in the first few minutes is not human.

Dialogue appears to be completely of the improv variety. Blood and gore spray in a fashion I haven’t seen since Shogun Assassin or perhaps Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Hatchet III is by no means a good film (in fact it is deeply stupid) but can be an enjoyable gorefest for those of you who don’t discriminate.

Besides, it is nice to see genre vets Danielle Harris, Sid Haig, Derek Mears, Kane Hodder, and even Zach (Gremlins) Galligan still employed.

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Drama: Bonnie & Clyde, Devil’s Knot, I Do

Fantasy: Curse of the Dragon Slayer

Foreign: The Detective, The Detective 2, The Missing Picture, Omar

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