Happy Black Friday!

I think it’s a real shame that the major retailers are now open on Thanksgiving. On the other hand, those retail employees join the movie theater and restaurant employees already working that day as well as the hard-working grocery employees catering to all the people who forgot the basting butter or suddenly realized that fresh cranberry sauce is awesome but the canned stuff is junk.

My wife and I waited to do our shopping today, Black Friday. She loves the early morning specials. I hate the crowds but she’s taking me to my favorite used book emporium, McKay’s, afterward.


McKay’s is a used book/CD/DVD/game store the size of a Wal-Mart. Below is one of my favorite walls, graphic novels.

McKay's comics



Black Friday

Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff starred in 8 films together. This is the only one where they don’t appear together but hey it’s free on instant Netflix.

Black Friday

WATCH:Black Friday (1940) – “A life-saving act turns destructive in this haunting horror film by Arthur Lubin. In an effort to save his dying friend Professor Kingsley (Stanley Ridges), Dr. Sovac (Boris Karloff) transplants part of an ailing gangster’s brain into Kingsley’s. What the two didn’t expect was that Kingsley would start flip-flopping between his mild self and that of an angry gangster out for revenge. Bela Lugosi co-stars.”

Boris Karloff is the star here – Bela doesn’t have any lines until the halfway point but still receives second-billing. Stanley Ridges is quite good as Professor Kingsley/Red Cannon. Unfortunately this is a rather weak film – other than the two personalities in one body, this is a straightforward revenge story. Boris’ character is a scientist with little personality (and for that matter little science as well). The film isn’t bad but without Boris and Bela, it would have slipped into obscurity by now.