This ‘n’ That – Barnes, Noble, & Hulu



* Hulu would really like to keep my interest through the summer. In addition to their heavily publicized acquisition of the entire run of Seinfeld (echoing Netflix’ wonderful success with Friends in January), they have also added Dr. Dimension Pants to their growing kids lineup of SpongeBob SquarePants, Adventure Time, Ben 10, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Little did they know that it is actually their substantial Noir offerings that I’m savoring.

Barnes & Noble


Barnes & Noble is running a series of pop culture events in July. All Thursdays are throwback Thursdays. The 9th is the 60s, the 16th is the 70s, the 23rd is the 80s, and the 30th is the 90s. There are Minions, Star Wars, and DC comics days as well. There will be events, sales, and giveaways. I hope this works out for them as I’d love to see more events like this.

Off for a few days…

I’ll post more this week if I can but my loving wife is having a procedure this morning and I will, of course, be devoting my time to fostering her quick recovery. Meanwhile I will leave you with a photo of the lunchbox I got at Best Buy.



Also, after receiving a slew of Pop! Funko figure for my birthday, I found two on a clearance table at Barnes & Noble for $2 each. If they were all this price, I would never stop buying them.

Funko figures