Dolans Cadillac – The King of Horror week

This is the King of Horror week. All of the movies are based on the works of Stephen King. Dolans Cadillac is currently available on instant Netflix.

WATCH: Dolans Cadillac (2009) – Rated R for violence and language.

Robinsons (Wes Bentley) life assumes a new purpose when his wife — a witness to an execution-style slaying in the desert — is murdered by a Las Vegas mobster (Christian Slater), and the mild-mannered teacher vows to avenge her death. To overcome his wily adversary — and the thugs heavily armored Cadillac — Robinson devises an ingenious revenge plan that does not rely on raw firepower in this thriller based on a short story by Stephen King.

“When he looks at you in a certain way, your prostate goes bad and your urine burns.”

“I sentence you to life because I know two things. You do not have the stuff to kill me and you do not have the stuff to kill yourself.”

Christian Slater has an absolutely wonderful time chewing the scenery here as Dolan. Dolan is an extremely talkative villain. This is one of the best roles Slater has had in years. Heck this is one of his best roles period. Not quite up there with his iconic Heathers performance, this is pretty close as he goes over-the-top in a role made for it.

Wes Bentley is Robinson, our poor school teacher bent on revenge.. While I would have preferred to see someone who appeared to change physically over the course of events, Bentley appears a little grim prior to the start of events and changes little over the course of the film. Acting-wise he is pretty good here but could have been a little better in the beginning.

Emmanuelle Vaugier is Elizabeth. Elizabeth suffers the fate that pretty much all movie characters do when they try to do the right thing and appear as a witness in a trial. Thankfully this does not end her role in the movie.

Director Jeff Beesley presents some nice imagery here. His direction is not flashy though the film is presented in a nice 2.35:1 format. He sticks mainly to telling this story economically.

This is not to say the film is without flourishes. the scenes involving Elizabeth after her death are particularly well-done as is the image of a female character “shushing” someone.

After one entertainingly abortive revenge attempt, the movie settles down into full-on caper mode. As with most caper movies, there is a lot of preparation and the real enjoyment is in the payoff. Beesley saves a good amount of time for the payoff and it really works.

I really was not expecting much from this movie and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact this is pretty darn good – not great but pretty darn good. I recommend this for a fun 88 minute ride.

For those of you with set top boxes, this movie is presented in HD.

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