Fear Net

Since this is Thanksgiving week and I’m not feeling well, I thought I’d take the week off from reviewing instant Netflix movies and cover some somewhat related topics instead.


As mentioned yesterday I love FREE. I also love horror – it is my favorite genre. Fear Net is a wonderful site devoted to horror movies. They have a relatively small selection of FREE horror movies but they are rotated out pretty regularly and are shown uncut and without commercial interruption. The drawbacks are the aforementioned small selection and that the resolution is terrible when blown up.

Currently they have 26 movies for FREE viewing including:

DEAD ALIVE: This is an early zombie comedy from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. Juvenile, uneven and most definitely over-the-top, it is quite fun.

CUTTING CLASS: This is one of Brad Pitt’s earliest roles. The film itself is pretty bad but it’s always interesting to see where actors get their start.

THE TOXIC AVENGER 1-4: The first four movies of Troma’s flagship seriesĀ  are available uncut.

THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN: This is the Director’s Cut of this Clive Barker adaptation – quite a lot of gruesome CGI blood.

HARD CANDY: I cannot recommend this film highly enough. To say much more than Fearnet’s description would spoil this wonderful if discomforting movie. “A 14-year-old girl meets a new friend on the Internet. He’s a 32-year-old photographer who’s really anxious to meet her.” Ellen Page plays the 14-year-old two years before her role in Juno and is absolutely mesmerizing.

Fear Net has horror movie news, previews and other general horror information. They also have several series available for viewing in addition to the movies – including their own Fear Clinic. Again if you watch one movie on FearNet, please watch Hard Candy – one of the best suspense films of the past few years and one that will make you squirm in your seat.