Aaron Norris, Actionfest, and Stunt Spectacular

Yippeee! I went to pick up my Actionfest ticket yesterday afternoon. A couple of the founders of Actionfest wanted to ask me where I had heard of Actionfest, did I think the advertising had been good, etc. One of them introduced himself to me as Aaron Norris.

So there I was shaking hands and chit-chatting with Hollywood director/ex-stuntman Aaron Norris (brother of Chuck). Wow what a super day.

We talked about the stunt spectacular at Actionfest Saturday 3 p.m. the stunt show is FREE and OPEN to the public.

“Coming Saturday, April 17, ActionFest is bringing something new and utterly incredible to Asheville ActionFest Hollywood Stunt Show, taking place live in the parking lot of the Carolina Cinemas in Asheville at 3pm. Leading it off will be the previously announced Kinnie “The Rocket Man” Gibson, who will fly over the crowd in his amazing rocket pack (recently seen on the hit CBS show “NCIS”). Kinnie and his team have traveled all over the world astounding people with their Rocket Belt (one of only 3 in existence), everywhere from the Super Bowl, the Tournament of Roses parade and even the 1984 Olympics, and now it’s coming to Asheville to blow you away!”

“If that is not enough, The Rocket Man will be followed by an amazing stunt show featuring such top Hollwyood stuntmen as Jan Michael Shultz (THE BLUE BROTHERS); Mark De Alessandro (Sylvester Stallone’s stunt double); John Cann (MACHETE); Randy Fife (THE ALAMO); Trevor Habberstad (THE LAST AIRBENDER) and his father, Jeff Habberstad. These brave men will demonstrate some of the most dangerous stunts around, including high falls, fire burns, air rams (catapults that shoot stuntmen into the air); reappelling (gunshots); fight demonstrations and even sky diving! Asheville has never seen anything like this before and once we are through with it they probably will not let us do this again, so make sure you are at the Carolina Cinemas Asheville at 1640 Hendersonville Rd. on Saturday, April 17 at 3pm and prepare to have the wind knocked out of you and then ask for more! Also featured will be the Ho Sin Sool Dojang martial arts school in Horse Show, NC. This event is all-ages and will be totally free.”

I also got to chat with him about filming in Israel and a few other action movie topics. Of course I was stupid enough to not ask for an autograph or a picture but I got such a kick out of chatting with him. He seems like a wonderful person and is only the second director I have ever chatted with (I met John Carpenter at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2002).

Tonight is the opening of Actionfest with the World Premiere of Centurion. My weekend orgy of Action movies is about to begin. Squeeee!

Also Squeeee! Joss Whedon has been announced to direct The Avengers – a fanboy pairing made in heaven.