Friday This ‘n’ That – Zombie Rights! TCM! More!

Night of the Living Dead

It is an absolute shame that, due to a distributor error, Night of the Living Dead entered the public domain. Not just George Romero but the rest of the creative team received almost nothing for their groundbreaking work. There had been other zombie movies and certainly Night of the Living Dead owes a debt to The Last Man on Earth, another public domain film, but NotLD essentially started an incredibly profitable genre.

While there is no recourse to the lost copyright, Joe Sena of Fourth Castle Media went after the next best thing. He applied for and received the trademark on the name. Now there can be official NotLD merchandise. He has stated that this month he is turning over the trademark to the original makers of the film (Image Ten), so that (hopefully) they can finally profit off the fruits of their labor.

Athens Movie Palace

I am hoping to get back to the Athens Movie Palace this month and review it. Until then, if you are curious about how an independent movie house is set up and functions, try reading their blog here. I found it fascinating.


For those of you who are rich as Croesus, the TCM Classic Film Festival will be back in Hollywood April 28th – May 1st of next year. The official website is here. If-you-have-to-ask, you-can’t-afford-it passes go on sale in November. The theme is Moving Pictures. Last year the Spotlight Pass was $1649. Yes, that is just the pass and not lodging or meals.

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