Rest in Peace, Yvonne Craig

Well, I guess I have reached the age where all of my childhood actors are passing away. Boy does it make me feel old.

Yvonne Craig

Actress Yvonne Craig passed away August 17, 2015 at the age of 78. She has 86 imdb credits, although she doesn’t show up on streaming Netflix’ search list. Admittedly most of her parts were rather small. She got a boost to her career when she started dating Elvis Presley.

Her big claim to fame, of course, is that she starred as Batgirl in the third season of 60s Batman. Earlier this year, we showed our granddaughter all of the Batman episodes as well as the three movies (which did not feature Craig). She enjoyed the show but was enthralled when Craig showed up in season 3. There sure aren’t enough female superheroes.

Yvonne Craig

I don’t know about other shots because of Netflix’ search fails but Craig can be seen in the original Star Trek episode “Whom Gods Destroy” as Marta.

Rest in peace, Yvonne Craig, you will be missed.

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