Picking on Terminator Genisys

Okay I’ve picked on Terminator Genisys quite a bit, mostly because I love the franchise and was very disappointed in the movie while appreciating some really good choices they made – almost as if it had been made by a committee.

Today’s rant will be filled with the spoilers I normally never discuss so DO NOT READ this until you have seen the film unless you just don’t care about spoilers.

Terminator Genisys hurts my brain so much, I have to publish these questions. It is okay to have a few things unanswered but you can’t build a movie out of a question mark. As my modern brethren would say, WTF?


* Who sent a T-1000 Terminator back in time to kill Sarah Connor as a little girl?

* Who sent an Arnold Terminator back in time to save Sarah Connor as a little girl? This is deliberately obfuscated in the movie.

* How did an Arnold Terminator manage to defeat a T-1000 by himself?

* How did either know to intercept the little girl at a summer home?

* Why does Arnold fight Arnold risking injury when they can just take him out with a sniper shot?

* Who sent the T-1000 to intercept Kyle Reese and how did they know the precise spot and time to do so? Why didn’t the T-1000 just kill him on the spot?

* Why do people float when going back through time while Terminators have to squat?

* If the embodiment of SkyNet can infect John Connor AND kill absolutely every soldier with him with ease, why did it not do so before the destruction of SkyNet? Clearly it had no problems with infiltration.

* Why did SkyNet only activate the one Arnold Terminator to go back in time while John Connor is attacking? Clearly there are dozens that could have been activated to defend the time machine or destroy it after the first went through.

* If they can construct a time machine in 1984 using essentially stone knives and bearskins then why can’t John manage it in 2017?

* If you know that you give birth to the literal savior of humanity in 1984/85, why would you turn your back on that and jump forward in time to try and stop judgment day? It seems to me that you would at least want to birth the messiah at the right time prior to jumping.

* If you know that Genisys/Skynet is going online on a particular day, why would you jump to less than two days prior instead of say a year before to plan things out? John showed up three years before.

* If Arnold was on the work crew for the Genisys location and built in a safe room keyed to Sarah’s biometrics, why didn’t he simply sabotage Genisys then?

* Why wouldn’t John or Genisys know that the safe room was keyed to Sarah Connor and change the locks?

* If Genisys can arbitrarily speed up its development from hours to just fifteen minutes, why not just make itself ready then?

* Doesn’t the post-credits sequence negate the entire ending of the movie? Doesn’t it mean that Genisys is just fine?

* If Genisys is just fine, doesn’t that mean that the moment it connects with the internet, judgement day takes place?

I have plenty of other unanswerable questions but I believe that it is time to let this go


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