Regal Perimeter Point 10


Well, I had to go out of town for a conference last weekend. Here was the Ice & Vending machine sign by the elevators:

Ice & End


I believe that sign was intended to warn me of the upcoming Ice Age. We got to go to Regal Perimeter Pointe:

Perimeter Pointe


Perimeter Pointe 10 as its name suggests has ten theaters. It was pretty standard for a Regal Cinema. There were no special concession items but they had my Coke Icee so I was happy. The only interesting part was the new Regal card I covered yesterday.

Our screen was playing San Andreas while everyone else was at Jurassic World. My granddaughter loved going as she always does though she was bored when the buildings weren’t falling down. She particularly liked the Peanuts display.


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