Showtime, Netflix, Hulu This ‘n’ That

A little bit of this, a little bit of that from the pay services. Introducing even more options for cutting your cable and enjoying services a la carte. Admittedly I already have way too much to watch at any given moment. Now if only I could get TCM as a standalone…



Not to be outdone by HBO Now, Showtime has a standalone service of its own for $11 a month (premiering in July). Of course, they are currently offering a 30-day FREE trial so definitely check it out. While you are at it, may I recommend Penny Dreadful. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season and look forward to seeing season 2 at some point.



If you already pay for Hulu then you can add Showtime to your subscription for another $9 a month ($2 off the standalone price).



Netflix just revamped its interface for quicker loading. I tried it and indeed it does load much faster.