GeekOut 2015, Honest Trailers, Jon Bailey


This past weekend, my wonderful wife took me (and our adorable granddaughter) to Asheville’s GeekOut. She even wore her awesome Robin dress for the occasion. Her nemeses were quite gracious in taking a photo of the occasion.



GeekOut was just a local convention the last time I went but it’s growing now. They had several guests this year, including Janet Varney (The Legend of Korra), Dante Basco (Hook, Avatar: The Last Airbender), Aurelio Voltaire (musician, comic book creator), and Jon Bailey. Jon Bailey is the voice of Honest Trailers on YouTube. You should definitely watch them if you haven’t – they can be found on Screen Junkies channel here. He has an epic movie trailer voice.

It is funny because the previous week, my younger daughter had been visiting from Florida and we talked about Honest Trailers. We also ended up watching a few dozen of them on the big screen. Sadly, she went back the week before GeekOut.


Jon Bailey emceed the costume contest and his voice made all the entrants that much cooler. My wife and I ended up chatting with him afterwards and getting an autograph for the movie room. He was kind enough to repeat one of my favorite lines, “Ermagerd! It’s Derpdevil!”. He does a lot of voiceover work and even if you haven’t seen Honest Trailers, you will know his voice when you hear it. His website can be found here.