Is The Hybrid an Icetastrophe?

The Hybrid and Icetastrophe are currently available on instant Netflix



The Hybrid (Scintilla – 2014) – Not rated

An elite team of mercenaries on a covert mission infiltrate an underground laboratory in a former Soviet state to recover a genetic mutation.

I certainly wouldn’t call them an elite team of mercenaries, more like a ragtag armed motley crew. The rest of the synopsis is fairly accurate. As you might guess, things go terribly wrong.

I understand that it is remarkably cheap to film in eastern Europe. You get all kinds of industrial settings, both current and ruined, as well as a small variety of forest areas for pennies on the dollar. If, as a filmmaker, you do not have a grant, eastern Europe is a great place to film.

Sadly it becomes terribly repetitious as with the found footage genre. You see the same locations over and over again. It gives the movies quite a bit of a generic feel.

The Hybrid is terribly generic. The scenes of the crew infiltrating the base are okay. The acting is okay. The plotting is nonsensical but creature design is pretty nice if subdued. There is a particular costuming decision halfway through the film that really works well but is underutilized.

Once they get into the tunnels the film gets much better but not enough to really stick with you. There is one great scene (no spoilers) with someone doing cleanup.

You may find this a passable waste of time but you won’t remember it in a week.



Icetastrophe (2015) РRated TV-14

When pieces of a meteorite strike the Earth and cause icy devastation, two lovers must recombine the fragments to prevent a global deep-freeze.”

I actually breathed a sigh of relief a few minutes in. While Icetastrophe is a Syfy release, it at least is not an Asylum production. The acting is halfway decent with three of the actors (Victor Webster, Jennifer Spence, and Richard Harmon) having also appeared on Syfy’s Continuum.

The movie however is utterly gonzo. If you touch someone who is freezing, then you freeze instantly. If you are in a car that freezes completely solid, then you are okay.

If you are carrying a lantern, the cold avoids you because a lantern is a heat source. Yet it doesn’t avoid people, a hugely larger heat source. It also doesn’t avoid running motor vehicles, a yet still hotter source.

One of the fragments causes extreme cold and the other heat – except the heat one is only a little hot. They have to bring the fragments together because…well who cares. The logic of this movie is beyond imbecilic.¬†Somebody needs to tell the writers that the dinosaurs were not wiped out because a meteorite landed that was too cold.

The filmmakers developed a halfway decent crystal forming special effect. Unfortunately they use it probably two dozen times in the movie. Later in the movie, they just increase the size of the shot.

I did get a few laughs from how bad this film is but not enough to justify watching it.