Regal Franklin Square Stadium 14

Well I got to check another theater off my ‘let’s visit every theater everywhere’ list. The girls were all shopping at some vast fabric shop in Gastonia, NC and were nice enough to drop me at the only theater in town, the Regal Franklin Square Stadium 14.

Franklin Square Stadium

There is not much to say here. Franklin Square Stadium 14 is located along the main shopping street in Gastonia (Franklin, duh) and you have to drive through a very crowded shopping area to get here. My wife was lucky enough to eat at Popeye’s as all of ours closed up years ago.

Franklin Square


The exterior and interior show some use but I wouldn’t call it rundown, just older than Asheville’s spiffy Biltmore Grande. The interior is standard Regal as are the concession options. The concession area is an island bifurcating the theater. Prices are $8.10 for matinee but they are the only game in town.

As noted in the name, seating is stadium style. I don’t know why it took so long to come along but now I find it annoying when a theater doesn’t have stadium seating (or a proper layout). Theater doors are organized to block light – another modern innovation taken for granted.

Birthday Party


The Franklin Square theater was the first one that I have seen that details their birthday party options. All the other theaters have them vague and nebulous. Any one I’ve looked at has been utterly ridiculous in price (looking at you Carolina Cinemas). I do wonder with the huge disparity in price ($9.50 more per kid than adult) how they would feel with having a mostly adult party.