Zombeavers is no Black Sheep

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Zombeavers (2014) – Rated R

A group of randy college kids partying in a woodland cabin gets a nasty surprise when a horde of ferocious zombie beavers attacks.”

I love horror movies, monster movies in particular.

I love our modern renaissance of horror and the wonderful and varied feast we have recently had (The Babadook, It Follows).

I love Black Sheep, the 2006 horror film about “An experiment in genetic engineering turns harmless sheep into blood-thirsty killers that terrorize a sprawling New Zealand farm.”

All of this led me to be very hopeful for Zombeavers.

I did not love Zombeavers.

Yes, all art has been done before but a movie has to distinguish itself from its progenitors. The only novel element of Zombeavers is that it is beavers instead of sheep. this leads to an endless string of beaver gags and double entendres, all of them sophomoric.

Most of the plot is lifted beat for beat from Black Sheep, often criminally so. The kids are trapped on a raft in a lake in a scene taken straight from Stephen King’s short story (which appeared onscreen in Creepshow 2). The biohazardous material is lost just as in Eight Legged Freaks (and many other films but the Freaks comparison is spot on). The three young ladies and three young men trapped in a cabin evokes how many films?

If you missed Black Sheep and think you just watch the Americanized version in Zombeavers, think again. Zombeavers has some fun effects work for an independent film but Black Sheep used WETA and had wonderful effects work.

The other problem with Zombeavers is that writers Jordan Rubin (who also directs), Al Kaplan, and Jon Kaplan, could not figure out how to pad the time of the movie they stole. Ultimately the decision was to make a puerile, gross-out comedy to pass the time.

Here is your comedy gold, besides the aforementioned beaver jokes: urine jokes including a dog urinating in the cabin, anal and oral sex jokes, jokes about incest, homosexuality, and rape. Obviously there has to be some skin for this so the three attractive young ladies are kept in skimpy bikinis for much of the runtime and Zoe (Cortney Palm) has a long topless scene. While a sex comedy can certainly be hilarious, Zombeavers certainly isn’t.

Yes, if you get past the lame teen comedy portions, some of Zombeavers is actually quite enjoyable. The beavers are low-rent but in a fun way.

Overall, this is a passable waste of time and doesn’t overstay its welcome at a brief 77 minutes (including end credits, gag reel, and post credits scene). Just don’t make the mistake I made and expect too much.