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Late Phases


Late Phases (2014) – Not rated

After several of his neighbors are killed by savage dog attacks, a blind Vietnam vet starts to believe that a vicious supernatural force is at work.”

I really love the modern horror renaissance we appear to be in. Yes, I know that seems contradictory. After years (decades?) of finding the occasional diamond amid all the dross, it seems that now I am finding a really good horror movie on a monthly basis.

I normally do not care for stories involving blind people. I have known enough personally so films are ruined for me much as they are if there are hackers in the movie. I have no illusions that Hollywood will ever get these or other tropes right.

Late Phases is not great a la The Babadook or better still, It Follows. Late Phases is that rarity though, a good werewolf movie. It is its own film but is also a throwback to good werewolf movies like The Howling and An American Werewolf in London (though not nearly as funny as those two examples).

Nick Damici owns the film as our no-nonsense veteran Ambrose. Horror veterans Tom Noonan (Robocop 2, House of the Devil), Lance Guest (Halloween II, Jaws The Revenge) and Larry Fessenden (Session 9, The Last Winter) lend support as Father Roger, Griffin, and O’Brien respectively.

The script is good when it deals with people but could really use a bit of punching up plotwise. It takes our blind veteran about thirty seconds to deduce what the cops don’t, that the killer is a werewolf. It is a huge leap in logic. There is also a step that the killer takes in the third act that requires knowledge the character does not seem to possess.

The creature effects are a mixed bag. Some of them are quite cheesy. Fortunately, just as many are quite inventive.

All that said, these are nitpicks. Late Phases has a great title (less so if you add the Night of the Lone Wolf subtitle but even that takes on additional meaning) and is an exciting, if not terribly scary, horror movie. Really, that is all I ask. Oh and it is not found footage or shaky cam so there’s that.

People Watch: Yes, that little old lady playing Clarissa was indeed Tina Louise aka Ginger from Gilligan’s Island!


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