Big Mid-Month Update of Netflix Streaming Releases

A little bit of this, a little bit of that – don’t miiss The Babadook! As with the recent large acquisition of African movies, Netflix appears to have negotiated quite a set of Latin movies and television. Did I mention don’t miss The Babadook?

Action & Adventure: The Man with the Iron Fists 2

Comedy: One Small Hitch, Craig Ferguson: Does This Need to be Said?, Good Luck Chuck

Documentary: Winnebago Man, kink, All In: The Poker Movie, Love Me, Pump, Super High Me


Drama: Bound (2015), Knife Fight, Tracks, Love Hunter, Night has Settled, A Second Chance

Family: Bratz Kidz: Fairy Tales

Brotherhood of Blades

Foreign: Brotherhood of Blades, Goodbye to Language, Bring Me the Head of the Machine Gun Woman, Colosio: El asesinato, El Baile de San Juan, Flu, La Cama, Leaving No Trace, Nicotina, Paradas Continuas, Polo Polo Recargado 2, Polo Polo VIP 2, Two Embraces, Zurdo

Horror: The Babadook, The Canal

Television: Bob Zoom, Las Aparicio, Lo Que la Vide me Robo, Los Caballeros Las Prefieren Brutas, Los Heroes del Norte, Pompidou, Por Ella Soy Eva, Scrotal Recall, Wild Iberia, Splatalot, and new episodes of Aguila Roja and Johnny Test

The Lookalike

Thriller: The Lookalike