Carolina vs. Carmike – Two theaters enter, one theater leaves!

Recently, Carmike Cinemas introduced their 2015 refillable popcorn bucket. It costs $20 and refills throughout the year are $4. This is a great deal for them as the bucket costs them probably a buck and popcorn costs essentially nothing so the $4 is pure profit.

Carmike Popcorn


Is this a good deal for moviegoers? Possibly but only if you go exclusively to Carmike and always need a popcorn fix. Let’s compare this to Carolina Cinemas. If you purchase an Asheville Film Society membership for $10 (half the bucket price at Carmike), you get FREE refills all year long on any size popcorn that you purchase at Carolina AND $1 off any movie ticket at Carolina all year long. Add to that, that at Carolina you get FREE refills on soda any size and your day at the movies is made.

Obviously this is another of my rants about why you should go to Carolina Cinemas but wait there’s more!

Carolina Cinemas

Every Tuesday at 8 p.m., the Asheville Film Society puts on a FREE movie at the Carolina in theater 6. Membership is not necessary to attend.

Thursday Horror Picture Show


Every Thursday night at 8, Ken Hanke & Justin Souther put on an absolutely FREE horror movie in movie theater 6.