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Patrick: Evil Awakens (2013) – Not rated

Behind the walls of the Roget Clinic, which specializes in the care of coma cases, a supposedly brain-dead patient is subjected to brutal experiments.”

The original Patrick (1978) was a fascinating take on the then very popular psychic powers subgenre. This subgenre was essentially started with Stephen King’s Carrie (or Brian DePalma’s Carrie if you prefer, 1976). Patrick shares some additional similarities with The Medusa Touch (1978) as not only do ┬áthe main characters have psychich abilities but both are in comas. Brian DePalma revisited this territory in 1978 with an adaptation of John Farris’ psychic powers tale, The Fury but wait let me digress further.

The original Patrick (1978) was part of the Aussie exploitation wave. In 2008, director Mark Hartley detailed the making of that film and the Aussie exploitation wave in the outstanding documentary, Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation. He followed that up with the almost as good Machete Maidens Unleashed!, the story of Filipino filmmaking. Last year, he made Electric Boogaloo – the story of Cannon films. Unfortunately that isn’t available anywhere as yet.

Why am I digressing so much? Because it’s fun. Seriously though since Carrie was given the reboot treatment, why not Patrick? Mark Hartley apparently loved the original Patrick enough to remake it. Apparently, the name Patrick is too generic so the suits attached “Evil Awakens” to the title.

Sadly Hartley’s expertise at documentaries does not carry over to horror movies. Patrick: Evil Awakens is fairly generic with various attempts to update the proceedings to include the internet and cellphone usage. There are several creepy scenes, the nature of which I am loathe to spoil but Hartley is apparently of the Woman in Black 2 school of direction. Everything is Boo! Boo! Boo! but the ‘scares’ are of no significance and actually detract from the plot.

Charles Dance is a welcome addition to essentially any movie and this one is no exception. Still he can’t save a movie without a good script. Other performances are okay but not particularly memorable. The subplots and secondary characters aren’t fleshed out enough for audiences to care about any third act twists.

Patrick: Evil Awakens is a passable waste of time. It could have been much better if more time had been spent on the script and less on gratuitous gore, nudity, and jump scares.


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