Beneath Antisocial

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Antisocial (2013) РNot rated

Unbeknownst to five friends who’ve gathered for a New Year’s Eve house party, an epidemic has erupted outside, breeding chaos all over the planet.”

If it has nothing else going for it, Antisocial has a great title. It refers not only to the zombies but also how we as a society have become more and more antisocial with our constant attachment to our gadgets. It also works quite well as Anti – Social (media). Unfortunately this is far too easy a target (many people would already agree) and the script doesn’t really have anything much deeper to say.

Other than the too-obvious social commentary, Antisocial is a decent low-budget zombie picture. Rather than listen to news broadcasts, the students receive all their information via the internet, Youtube, and a Facebook-like program. That is certainly accurate as every time I read about a celebrity death, it shows up on Facebook before I see it in the news.

Antisocial isn’t great or deep but it is certainly a passable waste of time and a somewhat fresh spin on the zombie genre though not as fresh as Pontypool so watch that one first.




Beneath (2014) – Not rated

A coal miner takes his daughter on a tour of the caverns and a tunnel collapses, trapping them 600 feet below ground … with an ominous presence.”

Unlike Antisocial, Beneath has a terrible title. Besides being utterly generic and not really representative of the plot, there are several other films entitled Beneath in 2007, 2011, 2013, and 2014.

Beneath also has that old chestnut / warning sign, “based on a true story”. Yes, there have been several awful cave-ins in recent years. I am pretty sure none of them involved monsters, demons, or the supernatural.

I always enjoy Jeff Fahey and he is pretty decent here. I liked that the cast wasn’t just a group of attractive twenty-something people who happened to wander into a mine but rather a diverse cast of actors playing miners and the lone woman ¬†(bad luck – it’s bad luck I tells ya!) who accompanies them.

Unfortunately the script goes nowhere. Yes, we do have an accident with a section of the mine collapsing. Mysterious shenanigans do ensue. Unfortunately the mystery pretty much stays a mystery as characters perform actions without rhyme or reason. For every miner with self-preservation skills, we have one who will split off from the group at the first opportunity.

The setting of the mines is nice and the film is watchable but both versions of My Bloody Valentine, Mine Games, and both Descent movies involve mines and are much better than this. In the end, Beneath becomes as generic as its title. You won’t remember it the week after you watch it.

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